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It appears that John Ross will get to do his renovations after all, as Southfork burned once again on Dallas Season 3 Episode 9.

Fans of the original series will remember the season 7 premiere where Bobby had to rescue a passed out drunk Sue Ellen from their burning home.  The only difference this time was that it wasn't an accident, it was arson. 

But will anyone actually figure that out?

Before we dive into the ashes, let's talk about Pamela's suicide attempt…

John Ross and Emma scrambled to keep Pamela breathing as they waited for the paramedics, I kept thinking that maybe Emma could have found the time to throw a shirt on before they arrived. Of course Emma has no shame so I can't imagine she'd care one way or the other but oh, won't those EMT's have a story to tell.

When they asked John Ross if Pamela had had any previous suicide attempts, the question stopped him cold. I don't know if that was simply the reality of the situation actually hitting him or if he realized how little he knows about his wife's past. 

Did anyone else catch that the doctor called for a pregnancy test along with everything else at the hospital? Yes, that's probably standard procedure but wouldn't it be quite the twist if Pamela ended up pregnant. It would also be an expedient way to get Pamela to consider giving John Ross a second chance. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning his cheating in any way but I do love these two together as a couple and I'm holding out hope that they aren't really over. 

To his credit, John Ross spent a lot of time mulling over the consequences of his actions and all the ways he'd gone wrong. 

With Emma, he was angry and abrupt. Partly because he wondered if she had sent Pamela the video…

Why would I send a video of us making love to Pamela?
John Ross; We never made love. We screwed.


Then he was quick to point out the rules of cheating. When the wife finds out, it's over. I did feel a bit sorry for Emma. In her own warped way, she has feelings for John Ross. Unfortunately twisted games seem to be the only way she knows to express them. Which is really no surprise considering she was raised by Harris and Judith. 

Lord knows the damage that will be done now that Bobby and Ann have sent Emma back to live in the viper's den. More time with Grandma does not bode well for Emma's future.

Bobby was furious with Ann, and with good reason. Not telling him she had just seen Harris was a little lie but when you pile it on to all of the rest, it was easy to see why Bobby's temper boiled over. As much as these two love one another they just seem to be drifting further apart. 

Back to John Ross, Bobby was more than willing to hold up a mirror so that John Ross could see his own behavior, as in this Dallas quote

That's what you do John Ross. You justify and then you ignore all the destruction you leave in your wake.


It all left John Ross wondering if he were capable of real love. Funny how it was Elena who was there to point out that every day is another chance to make it right. I only hope that John Ross doesn't give up on Pamela because if that stone cold look in her eyes ois any indication, she's not about to make things easy on him. 

I did what I did so that every time you think about screwing that piece of trash all you'll be able to see is me on the floor with my eyes rolled back in my head. Sexy, huh?


Hopefully John Ross will take Bobby's advice. "Words are cheap. You are what you do. You want to be a better man? Be one." 

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sue Ellen nearly drank some after shave in order to get her fix. If that's not a cry for help, I don't know what is. Kudos to Linda Gray for making Sue Ellen's addiction so brutally believable. 

Too bad that Sue Ellen's drunken accident covered up Drew's arson. Not that Drew will be around to pay for his crimes. 

Poor Drew. He knew the moment Nicolas had the cartel pick him up that it was over. The moment he called Nicolas out on that was when we truly saw the real Nicolas. Elena has no idea what kind of man she's dealing with. 

At least Drew got in one last dig in before Nicolas had him killed. 

With what I've done I'm going to Hell. I'll save you a seat.


It seemed kind of cowardly that Nicolas didn't pull the trigger himself.

OK, TV Fanatics, you tell me. Would you like to see John Ross eventually win back Pamela?

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Dear Ann. Such a pretty packet of poison but look closely. Can you see that grasping scubas behind that smile?


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