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Bobby and Christopher rescue Sue Ellen and Bo from a burning Southfork. Bo may have a spinal cord injury. Sue Ellen has a concussion. 

Ann lies to Bobby about seeing Harris before coming to the hospital. When Judith comes to pick up Emma, she tells Bobby she saw Ann and Harris kissing. Bobby is furious that Ann lied to him once again. 

John Ross and Emma rush to the hospital with Pamela after her overdose. John Ross assumes Emma or Harris sent Pamela the video. Elena realizes it must have been Nicolas who sent the video.

Sue Ellen remembers setting John Ross and Pamela's wedding invitation on fire and confesses to starting the blaze at Southfork. She doesn't realize that Drew broke in and started the fire. 

Nicolas has the Mexican cartel pick up Drew. When Drew refuses to end his vendetta against the Ewings, Nicolas has him killed. 

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Dear Ann. Such a pretty packet of poison but look closely. Can you see that grasping scubas behind that smile?


Judith: It's not mother's milk but milk from your mother.
Harris: Dairy makes me nauseous.