One Tree Hill Rewind: Life in a Glass House

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With a temporary cease fire between Nathan and Lucas, the attention shifted elsewhere in One Tree Hill Season 1 Episode 7.

There was some major sexual tension between characters as well as some adult drama between the parents in Tree Hill.

Everybody knows there ain't no party like a Dan Scott party!!! No seriously, that man leaves drama and disaster in his wake- every. single. time.

One of the best parts about this episode? The birth of the "Caw!" raven cry. It isn't mentioned again until One Tree Hill season 9 by Julian, but I think any true fan remembered. Keith made it up as a safe word when he, Karen, and Lucas decided to enter the dragon's lair and attend Dan's booster party.

Ahhh, booster parties. So Friday Night Lights. OTH fans are you watching yet? There's a reason those two shows are my top two all time favorites!

But back to the of the worst parts about this episode was Brooke. Now if you have been reading these rewinds you probably know by now that I LOVE Brooke Davis, but it's the Brooke she turned into that is the magnificent woman we all know and love. The petty, dramatic, scene-causing Brooke was still turning cruel tricks for attention this early in the series.

Teasing Tutor Girl, I mean Haley in front of everyone was a low blow. Haley was just innocent in everything and Nathan really was starting to like her.

Why don't you put some ice on it Brooke?


Brooke's efforts to get Peyton and Nathan back together were so transparent. Clearly she just wanted Peyton out of the way so she could have Lucas for herself. Too bad Luke wasn't interested and that's when Brooke's claws really came out.

It's amazing how quickly Nathan and Peyton realized that they legitimately were an awful couple and barely had hard feelings over it. I think they lasted four episodes of pretending they were on again/off again until they realized their relationship was a joke. Even Nathan backed Peyton up this week when he realized Brooke was out for blood.

I loved seeing Karen and Deb become friends. And not just because it pissed Dan off. It was the beginning of Deb pulling away from the dark cloud of Dan Scott and the beginning of a great partnership between future friends.

Poor Lucas got so burned by Peyton back in this episode! I think the best scene, despite the tears, was Lucas and Haley comforting each other back at the cafe after their respective awful nights with Nathan and Peyton. It was a true moment between one of the greatest friendships on the show.

Haley: Well, at least things are working out for one of us. It looks like you and Peyton are heading in the right direction.
Lucas: Well, if it'll make you feel better, that lasted all of about five minutes.
Haley: It doesn't make me feel any better.
Haley: Well, welcome back!
Lucas: To where?
Haley: To normal.

So out of the 2 potential couples:

Who were you rooting for more at that point?

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One Tree Hill Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Deb: She's young enough to be your daughter. And in this town, she might just be.
Dan: Ouch!
Deb: Sorry, couldn't resist.

Nathan: Why is the coach so easy with you, Jagielski?
Jake: We party together.
Tim: Maybe they're lovers.
Nathan: Why? Did you two break up?