Ray Donovan Review: Loose Ends

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Will the remaining episodes of Ray Donovan Season 2 be about Ray and Ed circling each other, waiting for the kill?

It sure seems that way.

What we had in Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 5 was a return to normal; as normal as things get on Ray Donovan.

Ed was in top shape, the condition of which we saw of him in Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 4 when his true colors came through and his ugly stood out. He had some very special Ray Donovan quotes that show how he pounds his chest to make himself feel better that are far too colorful for the front page.

Abby Gets Closer

Ed tried to flex his muscles to get Mickey to rat out Ray for the murder of Van Miller. This was a result of increasing pressure as yet another body was unearthed -- poor Linda came out of the ground when too many kids rode their motocross bikes over her erstwhile grave.

I do give Mickey some credit as a human being. Even after everything with Linda was done, he still see's her watching over him, only now she's covered in the dirt where she was covered up. She doesn't even mock him, but rather looks on sadly as if she's just as sorry for him as she would be for herself.

What do you think it says about Mickey that he cannot shake her? Surely he's done worse in his life, but perhaps it was that she was the epitome of being in the wrong place the wrong time? What will he have to do for her visage to say goodbye?

I love how Ezra played the religious card, wanting to keep himself free of sin or some babble, until Ray said they could go to prison for their decades-old cover-up of horrible deeds. Ezra didn't flinch when he gave Ray the name of an attorney with whom he studied the Torah. The cover-ups will continue!

I was completely stunned that Kate was brought to Ezra's office, facing Ray, Mickey and Ed. Whatever went down before she got there had to be intense. Do you think we'll see that in flashbacks as the dance between Ray and Ed continues?

It doesn't make any sense to bring in a guy like Ed, with all his big plans as the Lawman of the Free World only to ship him off again gently into the night. The previews suggest Ray hooks up with Ed's underling Thomas Volcheck who first appeared in Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 11 with the face of Jay Ferguson of Mad Men. Now he'll be portrayed by Kip Pardue and even get a wife. I don't even remember him, but something big this way comes in the battle with Ed.

Kate is gone and Ray admitted he will miss her. Something tells me she'll pop back up again. She doesn't seem the type to stop digging, especially when the story was so well wrapped. Ray told her he does love Abby, so maybe that will keep her at bay.

Through all of this was the regular Donovan family drama. 

At least now we know why Alex broke Conor's phone. His father is a dick. Any adult that would call a kid, regardless of whether he broke his own kid's collarbone a dick, is a dick. And let's be honest, it probably cost more to replace the phone than fix the collarbone anyway. LOL -- see what Ray Donovan has done to me? Do you want them to prevail at every turn like I do?

I didn't recognize the dad as Ray was gunning to run him down with his ka (using Abby-speak), but hopefully that scared the bejesus out of him and he'll reconsider pressing charges. Doesn't everyone in the town know who Ray Donovan is and what he's capable of?

Abby went shooting with the hopes of running into her LAPD friend, and when she didn't, she visited the Truesdale house. The nosy neighbors brought over some wine (Wasn't Abby just visiting? That's not her furniture or anything... it seemed really weird.) and tried to make up for being, well, racist the last time she was over.

Wasn't it horrible watching Abby try to play along? As the chicks continued to make fun of her language, she went with it, teaching them to speak like a Southie, but it just fell flat. She finally felt sick and when the gals continued on even after she said she wanted to throw up, she told them to shut up.

That went over well. Next thing you know Abby is pulling a Ray and ready for a beat down on one of the neighbors. At least it brought Jim the LAPD officer over. Once he was there and she learned she was out of trouble, she went for it.

I don't wanna go home. Can we go to a hotel and have sex?


But Jim's a good guy and didn't want to take advantage of her. He did express interest, so the possibility is still out there that she could get a little somethin' going on the side like her husband. Didn't she have a day when she did some shoplifting? Maybe she'll start doing small crime to get Jim by her side. Waddya think?

I'm not really sure why we're supposed to care about Bridget and Marvin. Do you know where that story is going? He doesn't seem any worse than any other kids their age, so why would her seeing him cause too much trauma? At least she's well protected when she attends parties, with all the glocks around. Oh... yeah, that could be disturbing to a parent, right?

It was an interesting hour. They essentially tidied up most of the loose ends to prepare us for the remainder of the season. What did you think?

Were you ready for the closure we got on Ray Donovan?

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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

He made me kill that poor fat fucker. It was like killing a fuckin' dog!


OK. I shouldn't have pushed you down the stairs, but you did break my phone.