Suits Round Table: “This Is Rome”

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Louis’ situation got worse and worse, until a huge revelation gave him the power he needed at the end of Suits Season 4 Episode 10.

Below, TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando and Michelle Carlbert discuss the shocking final moments of the episode, what it was like watching Donna and Louis’ friendship fall apart and predict what might happen when the show returns this fall...


Did you predict that Louis might finally discover Mike’s big secret and use it to save himself?

Chandel: That key was so innocuous that I never saw it---or the revelation associated with it---coming, and I certainly wasn't anticipating Louis using it as leverage.

Christine: I figured he would find out at some point but I never thought he'd find out like this and absolutely never saw it coming that he'd be that angry or use the information to become a named partner. It was an awesome twist and completely unexpected.

Michelle: I feel silly now that I never thought of it, but I think the writers did such a great job of showing Louis’ slow spiral that I just couldn’t see a way for him to get out. I was so worried about his situation and his future, that it just didn’t occur to me that he would find out Mike’s secret. Which of course made that moment one of my favorites on this show, ever.

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How did you react when Louis and Donna’s friendship fell apart right before our eyes?

Chandel: It was really rough. I didn't have time to cry because I was too busy getting ready for whatever came next, but the situation broke my heart.

Christine: Oh, it was horrifying. I felt so bad for Donna. Louis was just so angry and hurt. She was completely shocked and there was nothing she could say. It really is a shame because I've quite enjoyed their friendship and it will likely never be the same.

Michelle: So sad! I cannot blame Louis for his anger at all. He’s not wrong, these people did betray him and lie to him, including Donna. But I still hated watching what happened between Louis and Donna especially. Their friendship has been one of the many highlights on this show and I hope that they can find a way to move on from all this.

Do you think Louis can ever forgive all the people that he once trusted and saw as friends? Would you forgive them if you were in his shoes?

Chandel: I think he's going to have to at some point. He's in the club now that he knows about Mike. Like he said in Suits Season 4 Episode 9, the firm is his family, and we can be furious at family, still love them, and eventually move past their transgressions.

Christine: It's hard to put myself in Louis' shoes. They are very unique to him. No one is like Louis Litt! I hope that eventually he will forgive because this much anger will only make him miserable, but if it happens at all it's going to be a long time coming.

Michelle: Right now? I wouldn’t forgive anybody for anything. After everything they put Louis through, he is completely justified to stomp around and make any demands he likes. That being said, I feel like a kid watching mommy and daddy fight when the whole firm is in an uproar. So while I think Louis has every right to be mad, I don’t think he should be mad forever. At some point, he will have to forgive.

What were your overall thoughts of the episode?

Chandel: "This is Rome" was incredible. So much emotion and sacrifice and triumph and failure all wrapped up in 43 minutes. You were on the edge of your seat the whole time. I really enjoyed it.

Christine: I loved it because it was a twist that I never saw coming. I couldn't have imagined Louis deducing Mike's secret due to that silly key. Perhaps it was inevitable that such a small detail would eventually trip Mike up. And Louis…he's always been the one vying for everyone's approval in one form or another. It was amazing to see him put the screws to Jessica to finally get the one thing he's always wanted.

Michelle: Another absolutely stellar episode and summer finale in particular. It still amazes me that this show about a bunch of lawyers can bring out in me the kind of emotions that it does. This episode had me nearly in tears to nearly screaming at my TV. What more can you ask than that?

What do you predict will happen when the show returns? Will Jessica do as Louis asks or do you think she’ll find some way out of it?

Chandel: This is a hard one. I have thought about what all the possibilities are. I think Jessica was on the money that Louis would never turn the firm over to the authorities, but I don't know if that absolves her of appeasing Louis by adding his name to the door. There are arguments for and against both options, but I am content to wait and see how it all shakes out.

Christine: I don't foresee any other way of keeping Louis quiet. I think the upside of doing what Louis asks is that he's now in on the secret…which means that if it comes out he'll also have to pay the consequences along with everyone else. The problem is, the more people who know about it means that it is much less likely to be kept secret for long. It adds one more layer to the fraud which raises the stakes yet again.

Michelle: My dream is that Jessica will have to go through with Louis' demand. Seeing “Pearson Specter Litt” on that wall will be an incredible thing. Not just because it will mean that Louis won, but because I truly think he deserved it a while ago. I predict that his demands will also bring a lot of tension among the group, which is both tantalizing and frightening to contemplate.

Your turn, Fanatics! What did you think of the Suits Season 4 summer finale?

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