Suits Summer Finale Review: The Order of Things

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Rome is falling... hard.

And, in an unexpected turn of events, Suits Season 4 Episode 10 left us wondering what we'll come back to this winter: Pearson Specter or Pearson Specter LITT?!

A moment of rage like we've never seen Louis unleash before was the breath that sent the house of cards falling all around Donna and Jessica, and will likely extend to Mike and Harvey when Suits returns this winter.

I have to say it doesn't surprise me that they would pick this junction to address the issue; after all, it is the glue that has managed to hold Jessica, Harvey, Mike, Rachel and Donna together for so many seasons as they defended the secret and the firm. Now Louis will join this elite team of secret-keepers, due to circumstances beyond his control.

Despite this, I still didn't see it coming.

Unfortunately for Jessica, the consequences are the demand of the addition of his name to the door. It's the one thing that Jessica has managed to avoid, for one reason or another. However, used as blackmail, one wonders if it won't be in this moment that she is forced to comply.

Even more prudent to discuss is whether or not Louis would really want to have his name put on the door under these circumstances. Is he really ready to allow his reputation to be marked by something as ugly, even if only by those who were once closest to him?

Make no mistake, he has every intention of shutting Harvey, Mike and Donna out of his life. How hard was it for you to watch he and Donna fall out? He would cut Jessica out, too, if they had shared anything more than a professional relationship.

His idols and the people he unfailingly trusted have betrayed him in a way it seems nearly impossible for him to come back from. Yet come back he clearly intends to do - and with a vengeance, and with unassailable leverage.

The other awful thing about it is that Katrina tied her horse to the Louis cart, only to end up being fired by Jessica anyway (because I don't count an ultimatum of resign or fire you as legitimate options). But with Louis returning, will it open things up for Katrina's return?

One person we know won't be returning is Sheila. And you know what? Good riddance! The woman is an imbecile for not taking Louis back. And on stupid grounds at that! He was going to give up anything he could for her, but he deserves to have a life as well.

She should be grateful life brought Louis back her way. Needless to say, I will sleep well at night if she never shows her face again.

Probably my favorite thing about this episode, and a technique we should start calling the "Korsh special," was that in the end everything came back to Gillis industries, which is exactly where Suits Season 4 started. So brilliant.

I would try and tackle some other aspect of this episode, but since everything revolved around Lewis, even down to Mike's impromptu visit to Mr. Zane, what else could be said besides that Rick Hoffman is an amazing character who totally killed it?

See you this winter, Suits!

So, Suitors, will Jessica put Louis' name on the door?

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