Tyrant Review: Treason

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The coup plan began with tragic consequences on Tyrant Season 1 Episode 9.

The beginning of their plan worked out as flawless as one could expect and it probably would have gone down without a hitch, except Bassam opened his big mouth and sabotaged it.

When Bassam told Molly about his quest to become President, I expected that would be his downfall. Instead it was Leila who caused a major detour in their plan.

Bassam believes strongly that he's doing what is best for Jamal, himself, his family and Abaddin by ousting his brother as President. It's a good thing that he's a good liar because it all hinged on him selling Tariq as a traitor. Even though the General may be innocent of the coup, he was responsible for destroying peace talks decades before, killing his own men, and gassing the people.

Bassam had no guilt, nor should he, for setting up his uncle to help his homeland. On the other hand, his face clearly showed that he did not enjoy betraying his brother. It was a necessary duplicity for the greater good. When Jamal killed the plane full of "traitors," it demonstrated exactly why he shouldn't be President, though it was also the result of Bassam's lies.

After all that Jamal has done, I find it difficult to comprehend why I feel any sympathy for him. Yet ... I do. He's killed innocents and has done plenty of horrifying things, especially to women. Despite that, every time he placed his faith and trust in Bassam, I felt enormous pity for him. 

Jamal's being played and has absolutely no clue because he blindly trusts his brother. The one person he believes in more than anyone else, even his own wife, is betraying him. Bassam's actions should ultimately make Jamal happier, though that doesn't discount that fact that one brother is stabbing the other in the back.

Ideally, Jamal will thank his brother for finding him a way out with his dignity intact, but his ego may not allow him. And Leila certainly will not be happy. The future of Abuddin and whether the country finds peace will depend on Jamal's actions. With Tariq still alive, it wouldn't be surprising to see Jamal turn against his brother and work with Tariq to maintain power.  

With only one episode left, there's much to still be resolved. Will Jamal find out about the coup before it's done? Will Bassam's family make it back to America safely? If not, will he go through with his plan if it puts his family in danger? When Barry first arrived in Abuddin, his loyalty and priorities were not even a question, but now as Bassam, he's unpredictable. 

It's going to be a wild ride to the end. 

Should Bassam go through with the coup?

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