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Bassam works out the details of the coup with Tucker. It involves making Jamal believe that Tariq is making a power play against the President. They get one of Tariq's men to help with the plan.

Jamal finds out that Tariq knows about his conversation he had with his hooker about running away. Bassam uses that to make him believe that Tariq is using the information to recruit his men to turn on Jamal. Then, Bassam uses a meeting Tariq has planned to gain the tribal leaders' support for Jamal in the election to make it appear he's recruiting them for his coup.

Jamal trust Bassam unconditionally.  In response to Tariq's supposed plan, he blows up a plane of his own military people who he believes have turned against him. He removes Tariq from the plane before it takes off. Tariq tries to tell Jamal he's loyal and that it is Bassam who has turned on him, but Jamal won't listen.

Molly is upset with Bassam over his plans to leave. She talks about it too openly, but no one appears to have heard her. She goes to the US Embassy to get the paperwork to go home. She's furious when she finds out the family will be kept in a safe house in the US. She wants Bassam to forget about Abbadin and come home with them. She says they won't come back.


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