Dallas Review: A Legacy of Revenge

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It was a legacy of revenge that fueled Dallas Season 3 Episode 12 and if it proved anything it's that hate breeds hate.  Perhaps no one man reflected that more than Cliff Barnes.

If anyone could understand Pamela's dilemma, it was Sue Ellen, if only because she'd dealt with the ruthlessness of the feud between Cliff and J.R. for decades. She gave Pamela the best advice she could…that the only way to find closure was to see her father face to face.

It's funny how Cliff only says "I love you" when he wants something, as though the words aren't so much a feeling but a tool he uses to manipulate the people who happen to care about him. The problem with that is that eventually they catch on…and leave him in a Mexican prison.

Cliff looked confused when Pamela gave him the deed to Ewing 6, so she explained in this Dallas quote

That plot of land was robbed from your father and because of that I was robbed from ever having one.


She was right when she accused him of hating the Ewings more than he ever loved her. If it weren't true, he never would have put her in danger on that rig. Part of me wonders if he would have given the order to blow it up if those unborn twins had not been half Ewing?

It was a powerful moment when Pamela told him, "Goodbye Daddy" and left him in that dark, desolate place. Cliff has been consumed with the need for revenge most of his adult life. It's ironic that he ended up on the receiving end of it from his own daughter. 

Christopher finally figured out Nicolas' connection to the Mexican cartel. I only wish he would have known it when he spoke to Carmen. She's so sure that Nicolas is honorable. I wonder how she'd feel if she knew he had a wife and two kids back in Mexico as well. 

How long do you think Nicolas can keep Elena in the dark? He's convinced her she left her phone back in Dallas but if he keeps pulling it out to listen to her messages, she's bound to catch him eventually. And who is taking the photos for the two of them? The cartel? The CIA?

When the news came out about Hunter McKay taking over the company, Pamela put the pieces together quickly and let John Ross have it…

You selfish bastard. Lying and cheating were the only two things you were good at and now you've failed at them too.


Ouch! John Ross got played. Will he ever be able to redeem himself to Pamela or anyone else in the family?

Bobby tracked down Tracy McKay to ask for her help with Hunter. I always liked Tracy. Her fling with Bobby didn't last long but they both seemed to have fun and I enjoyed the reminder of them meeting while she hustled him at pool. But Tracy's daddy hated the Ewings and her brother's death only made it worse. Now the feud has been passed down to the grandchildren with deadly results.

But with Hunter dead, who gains control of his shares of Ewing Global? Did he have a will? Did he previously sign an agreement passing them on to Nicolas? I suppose we'll have to wait until next week to find out.

Finally we get to the Rylands. Nothing was more amusing than Judith rounding up the family to go do their drug deal with the cartel. Talk about a dysfunctional family outing. 

When Luis presented Judith with that box, I had no doubt there was nothing good inside. At least it was too small for a head. (Fans of the movie Se7en will know what I mean.) Now Emma and Ann are in the hands of the cartel. Well, this should be a unique mother/daughter bonding experience. 

Bobby was right when he said that the family lost control of Ewing Global when they failed to work together. But will coming together be enough to save the company, Elena, Emma and Ann? That seems like a tall order even for a family as powerful as the Ewings.

So tell me TV Fanatics, who do you think is taking pictures of Nicolas and Elena?

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

When I'm free nothing will stand in the way of me getting the revenge that I deserve.


There is good in the worst of us but there's also bad in the best of us.

John Ross