Scorpion Series Premiere: Nerds to the Rescue!

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There is a hidden, geeky underbelly fixing the worlds problems. No... really!

Scorpion isn't another "fish-out-of-water, rag-tag group of misfits saves the world series" because this bunch relies not on special powers, but rather their incredible intelligence. Moreover, it's based on actual events. 

The Scorpion Team

The official CBS synopsis reads as follows:

"When a crisis at LAX leaves dozens of airplanes unable to land, the government enlists a team of misfit geniuses to save the day."

Real-life genius Walter O'Brien gathers his band of merry misfits (meaning they're not well adjusted socially and talk about things less intelligent people may not find exciting) to become the newest threat to criminals world wide when they partner with Homeland Security.

It's not often "nerdy masterminds" perform mind-blowing stunts, but this group does it all -- without anyone learning who's behind their daring deeds. How long will it take you to fall in love with this new set of heroes? Watch to find out!

Scorpion premieres on CBS Monday, September 22 at 9/8c.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

How can it be top secret if the guy who set up our wireless is working on it?


You cross me on this, I'll go online, and in less than an hour, I will erase you.