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Despite their ridiculously high IQs, Walter O'Brien amd his group of misfit geniuses struggle to survive. There's Sylvester Dodd, a statistics genius, Toby Curtis, a behavior expert, Happy Quinn, a mechanical prodigy, and Walter is a whiz with computers. They can steal electricity from another building, but they can't remember to pay their bills.

Thankfully, Homeland Security Federal Agent Cabe Gallo is there to help. If only Walter and Agent Gallo had a friendly working relationship.

An LAX software update was corrupted, and now communications are down. This is not the best thing to happen at a very busy airport. Without working communication, planes can't land.

After a promise of lots of money, Walter and his team accept Agent Gallo's proposition to help land all of those planes safely. They take over a local diner where Paige works as a waitress. She struggles to take care of her son, Ralph, who is challenged. However, Walter shows her that this is not the case. Ralph is a genius.

In the end, it takes Walter driving a Ferrari while a plane flies directly above him. One of the pilots sends down a cable, from a moving plane, so that Walter's computer can download an uncorrupted version of the software.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

How can it be top secret if the guy who set up our wireless is working on it?


You cross me on this, I'll go online, and in less than an hour, I will erase you.