Sleepy Hollow Round Table: New Monster, New Sheriff... Same Difference?

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Welcome, Sleepy Holloy Fanatics, to the Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2 Round Table, wherein we discuss the ultra cool new monster, The Kindred, wonder why poor Irving was in the dark about Henry and where we diss the new Sheriff.

Down with authority!

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Whitney Evans, Stacy Glanzman and Carissa Pavlica as they chat about all things Sleepy Hollow. Join in the discussion in the comments!

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Favorite Ichabodism?

Jim: Arguing with the banker about getting credit without collateral was pretty funny, and pretty close to the truth of why our country is in such financial trouble.

Whitney: I loved everything about the scene at the bank. Especially when he asked the banker if he was in the wedding industry.

Stacy: I agree with Jim and Whitney. The credit card scene was the funniest of the episode and may even be one of my all time favorite Ichabodisms (though it still doesn't beat his confusion over bottled water in Sleepy Hollow Season 1).

Carissa: Everything at the bank, of course. Specifically how they won't trust their customers with a simple inkwell but the customers trust them with their fortunes. Banks should have free buckets of pens, dammit!

What did you think of The Kindred and how will his role play out?

Jim: I like that he could take on both Death and War. I'm just curious where he got his own horse from. Guess time will tell.

Whitney: I thought The Kindred was pretty cool. He held his own in that fight and he was looking out for our Abbie, so I welcome him. I have a feeling he will reappear right when they need him most.

Stacy: I have to say these writers are pretty creative. Pinning head against body was entertaining (and effective!). I laughed at Ichabod trying to do the spell. Definitely curious where this goes from here.

Carissa: He's my new favorite. Facial expressions?! Yes please! I don't know if he was specifically fighting War as well as Death, but hey -- he was being attacked! Ichabod has concerns about him, but from a viewing perspective, I cannot wait to see more of him. As a reader pointed out -- where the hell did he get his horse? Which Horseman brought an extra?! Do they come with the job?

What are your thoughts on the weaknesses of Abbie and Ichabod?

Jim: It is our weaknesses that make us human. But they are also what make us strong. I think in time both will be proven.

Whitney: I think they are intelligent enough to turn their weaknesses into strengths. They've both acknowledged that they have a weakness and that's the first step in learning how to use it to your advantage, instead of allowing it to bring you down.

Stacy: Are they really weaknesses? Abbie thinks trusting Ichabod is her weakness as she was almost fooled by an impostor in Purgatory. However, I think her trust in Ichabod is actually her strength. It's what stopped her from accepting that drink and realizing that wasn't him. As far as Ichabod's weakness, putting those you care about ahead of the bigger picture is what separates the heroes from the villains.

Carissa: If those are weaknesses, I'd like more please.

Did you have a first impression on Sheriff Reyes?

Jim: I really don't like her... Having a "grumpy boss who doesn't know what is going on" is such a tired and wore out trope. Why not bring in a Sheriff that was a religious zealot, superstitious, or anything original. I'm actually very disappointed at this point.

Whitney: I have to agree with Jim, my first impression was what a cliché. But this is also Sleepy Hollow, so I don't trust her for a second and there's probably a lot more to her than meets the eye. I will be interested to learn more about her relationship with Mama Mills, too.

Stacy: She really reminded me of Captain Gates on Castle. Everything from her stern expressions to her comment about if they really need a historical adviser. As time went by, Captain Gates caught on to just how useful Castle is, so hopefully Sheriff Reyes will come to the same conclusion about Ichabod. Here's hoping she grows on us.

Carissa: I'm not really sure why every show has to have a foil within the group. Her commitment to putting an end to the fear made me want to punch her. She doesn't get to assess a situation without all the facts. I'm anxious for the Headless Horseman to make his first pass at her. The only intriguing thing is that she seems to give Abbie a pass. Outside knowing what her mother when through, why?

What will Henry do with Irving's blood oath? Any ideas (and did you know Irving had never been told about Henry?!)?

Jim: First, you will note that Irving said "my wife was getting me a new lawyer", so I don't think Irving has any idea who Henry is. Second, seems to me that there would be some loop holes in tricking someone into signing their name in blood, wouldn't there be?

Whitney: As far as I can remember, our fearless crew never quite got around to telling Frank who Henry is. They were a little busy last season. Typically, a blood oath signifies a commitment to do something no matter what, so considering Henry is involved it's sure to be awful. I wonder how Frank will be able to get out of it.

Stacy: Honestly I was a little annoyed Irving didn't question the pen cutting him. Even if he didn't though, maybe he should have read that a little more carefully before signing with ink. I'm a little nervous to see what will come of this. I agree with Jim and Whitney that it didn't seem like he knew about Henry, but boy do I wish he did.

Carissa: I have this urge to go back to last season (yet not the time) to see if ever their paths met. Henry joined as a consultant long before he became evil. It's very strange nothing was ever said about using him. I suppose Irving didn't question signing because he trusts his wife. The ordeal with the minister taught him nothing!

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These people entrust you with their fortune, yet you cannot trust them with a simple inkwell?