Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2 Review: The Kindred

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Abbie and Ichabod have found a reason to resurrect the Horseman's head. Now when Abraham goes out to fight, he can do it while staring himself in the face!

That was pretty cool way to bring a new dynamic into the fighting Horsemen. Even with Henry now using a soul-powered armored body, the addition of a monster with facial expressions was hella cool. It kind of reminded me of the dude who used to narrate HBO's Tales from the Crypt. 

Ichabod and Katrina shared a passionate kiss on Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2 but she's still fighting hard to stop the apocalypse, something that Ichabod is having a little trouble keeping in focus.

While it was necessary for Sleepy Hollow to hire a new Sheriff, does anybody else wish they had promoted from within? The whole "you're all insane" business is just annoying. I was a little surprised that Reyes didn't really hold any malice toward Abbie considering how closely she is working with the "history consultant" and Irving, but I'm ready for the fighting trio of monsters to make a pass at her STAT.

I used to be just like you. I thought I had it all figured out but then I came to Sleepy Hollow. And now that I've seen what I've seen, I'm not going to pretend to be blind again. The end is near.


Do you think that maybe the writers thought bringing too many people in on the apocalypse was a mistake? If you can think of a solid reason why having a member of the Sheriff's department in the dark about what's going on and intending on combating the "fear" mentality that has crept into Sleepy Hollow makes sense for the story, lay it out there. 

Call me selfish, but I like it better when Jenny is out and helping the team. With Frank locked up, Jenny back behind bars and Katrina choosing to remain with Abraham, our Witnesses are left to their own devices for the moment. The need someone to run interference when they get lost in their wit.

We finally know where Irving hid the head -- in a safety deposit box. Seems a pretty good place considering how strange it would look if either of the Horsemen tried to retrieve it. Who knew he didn't know about Henry? More on that in a bit because how awesome was Ichabod's trip to the bank? 

These people entrust you with their fortune, yet you cannot trust them with a simple inkwell?


The fact that he points out all of the things we think about always lightens the moment and brings a smile (sometimes a cheer, let's be honest). Seeing the look on his face as he pulled at that chained pen was priceless!

Abbie admits to Ichabod that it scares her that trusting him is her biggest weakness and she was almost lost forever when a disguised demon offered her a drink in Purgatory. She believes his weaknesses are his love for Katrina (which is stealing some of his focus from the Moloch of it all) and his knowledge that the Horseman of War is his son.

Of course, she doesn't hold that against him, but it is something he needs to recognize in himself. Thankfully, Katrina's head is in the game. She has spent centuries in Purgatory and waiting a while longer to be reunited with her husband seems a small price to pay if she can learn valuable information from Abraham and Henry.

Kudos to her strength of character because Abraham tried to plant doubt in her head about Ichabod and Abbie by pointing out how quickly Ichabod helped Abbie after letting Katrina rot in Purgatory for hundreds of years. Nice try on his part, but Ichabod was in a spell that Katrina herself put him under. Maybe Abraham isn't privy to that information. After all, he was equally spelled as they were tied together in slumber.

Seeing The Kindred square off with War and Death was groovy, but I loved when Abbie sauntered up with her shotgun to even the score. And in case they don't know it, a fiery sword and a horse with demon eyes aren't necessarily the best foils against modern technology. The horses still haven't proven they can keep up with an SUV. Join the modern world dudes! SUVsmen, perhaps? HA!

Why has nobody bothered to tell Irving about Henry Parrish? I didn't realize he was so wrapped up with the demon doings with his family that he never met the guy. Now Irving's wife has decided to hire Henry as Frank's attorney and he got him to sign a document, unread, with blood. Oh joy. 

It's impossible to tell what kind of trouble Frank is going to be in as a result of that signature, but for now he's out of his shackles. Is he on his way out of Tarrytown Psych too? I hope Henry can't use his soul to command him to do bad things a la his armor. That would not be good. 

I enjoyed this hour far more than the previous. It introduced new material to the season and gave us some really meaty plot to chew on. Ichabbie aren't even sure that The Kindred will be 100% on their side and he's running around with Death's greatest desire (do you think his head or Katrina is more important to him?). 

It's your turn! Hit the comments and share you thoughts on the episode. Don't forget to return later this week for the Sleepy Hollow Round Table and remember, you can always watch Sleepy Hollow online via TV Fanatic!

The Kindred Review

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Abbie: This is insane!
Ichabod: So much of my life can be categorized under those auspices.

These people entrust you with their fortune, yet you cannot trust them with a simple inkwell?