The Strain Review: Where's Mom?

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It didn't take long for us to learn the meaning behind The Strain Season 1 Episode 9's title, "The Disappeared."

Zach arrives home to find the place torn apart. Not only was his mom missing, but an infected Matt tried to take a bite out of him.

Elsewhere, Gus is still locked up and dealing with a dying Felix. It was pretty obvious the dude was not going to make it.

This installment finally gave us a peek at The Master's face. Eeeek!

If I could nominate any character to become strigoi-chow, it would be Diane. Man, she's obnoxious isn't she? Still, the joke about the dead dog in Zach's backpack was amusing. Seems like ages ago that Ansel ate his poor dog. It's hard to believe there's only a handful of episodes left.

Luckily for Zach, the bread truck pulls up just in time to help him with his overly affectionate Matt problem. Is it me or did Eph really enjoy smashing and then decapitating strigoi-Matt with that shovel? Revenge is sweet, ain't it?

The fact that Matt was wounded (or scratched) in a fight was brought up several times. I assume the strigoi at Sears infected him. Did he return home and attack Kelly? Nora seems to believe so, and that Kelly scratched him while protecting herself.

Is this why she ran away? I'm not convinced she would simply disappear without taking Zach. At the very least she would have contacted Diane no? My guess is she was taken but by whom? What do you think?

Setrakian: Who was that?
Eph: My Ex-wife's boyfriend.
Fet: Not anymore.

It's no surprise Felix was infected, we've been expecting him to turn for a while now. What did surprise me was how quickly his transformation took place. He didn't lose his hair or genitals and before you know it... Bam! His stinger is out and drinking from the cop driving the van.

The van crashing and prisoners freaking out inside made for some nice tension. I did feel sorry for Gus though, having to take out his best friend. How long before Gus joins up with Setrakian and company I wonder? Either way, he's on the run and ready to rock and roll.

Fet tells Nora killing Jim is what needed to be done, and he's right. She claims it should have been someone who loved him, but seriously neither she nor Eph could have done it. Calling Fet less than a human being was a low blow, even for an angry Nora.

I loved it when the group returns to Setrakian's pawnshop and Nora's mother is there bitchin' and complaining. Setrakian tells Fet that's Nora's mother and he says "obviously." The guy always gets the best lines doesn't he? Fet is easily becoming my favorite character on The Strain.

I've got to say when Dutch admitted that Jim's death affected her, I started to like her a little bit. Then she pitched a fit when she returned home to find her roommate/friend/lover robbed her blind and swiped her laptop. Ok so maybe "like" is a strong word... I take that back.

Did you catch the Bolivar poster on the wall in that scene? He's also appeared in newspapers in the subway station. We haven't seen him in a while now, but the character remains a constant presence on the show.

While Dutch and Fet fight off stoner-strigoi in her apartment, Setrakian and Zach bond outside in the truck. The kid doesn't miss a thing does he? He noticed his father doesn't refer to the creatures as vampires. Setrakian assured him Eph will, in time. "There's power in naming things" Abraham tells the boy.

The old man hands young Zach a book larger than his head so he can begin to educate himself. Next generation vampire hunter in the making!

Fet theorizes there must be humans helping the vampire cause. Setrakian is very impressed with Fet and calls him "unsentimental."

Fet: I have feelings.
Setrakian: Leave the feeling to others.

Fet turns to leave but promises he'll be back. Is is possible in order to spare his new friends lives he'll go after the strigoi on his own?

Eph and Nora roll Matt's body up in plastic and take him outside to roast. Eph tells Nora that when he saw Jim's back full of worms it was the worst moment of his life. Mine too, I was hoping Samwise would stick around just a little longer. Check out a chat with Sean Astin here. Eph obviously cared about Jim and I think in those finale moments he forgave his friend. Matt, not so much. I found it hilarious he had no kind words to say while burning Matt Ha!

Apparently the season needed a quickie love scene, because Eph and Nora engage in some serious sexytime. Diane barges in on them and Eph gives her Nora's number to call in case Kelly makes contact. Nora was put off hearing he still loves his wife. Are she and Eph meant to be?

Dutch eventually confesses her role in all this to Setrakian. Ballsy of her I thought.

Dutch: Do you know Eldritch Palmer?
Setrakian: One of the most powerful men in the world, yes.
Dutch: He hired me.
Setrakian: To do what?
Dutch: I worked my ass off to shut the internet down.

With Jim gone, it makes sense someone would replace him as the link to Palmer and Eichhorst. When she mentions the "German dude," Setrakian instantly realizes Palmer is the enemy. Can Dutch undo the mess she's created?

That brings me to the Poland flashbacks for this week. We see young Abe digging a large ditch with several others while Eichhorst watches. He manages to hide a silver blade and later confronts The Master with it. Needless to say, The Master is not pleased and has been watching the "wood carver" all this time. I could almost feel the monster crush Abe's hands, ouch! Seeing his twisted fingers pointing in all directions didn't help. Good thing that kind soul helped snap them back into place.

When Eichhorst sees Abraham's crushed hands, he figures he no longer has any use for him. Abe is directed into the line heading toward the ditch and certain death. Where was the other line headed I wonder? Would they be taken to The Master to start the new order? Either way, the allied forces arrive and Abraham manages to escape with a little help.

The final scene takes place in some kind of bomb shelter. The coffin is there, but Eichhorst assumes The Master has abandoned him.

Not so Herr Eichhorst, The Master swoops in and reveals an even creepier batlike face than we've seen before. He cuts his Lieutenant's wrist and then his own. A single worm passes between them and the creature seemed euphoric didn't he? So that's how a "chosen one" is made.

What did you think of "The Disappeared?" Are the Poland flashbacks over now? Will we flashback to The Master's origin story? Your turn guys, hit the comments with your thoughts and observations. Remember if you've read the books, please stick to episode 9 to avoid spoiling the show for other fans.

Have you missed an episode? Don't forget you can watch The Strain online right here via TV Fanatic.

Where do you think Kelly is?

The Disappeared Review

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The Strain Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Setrakian: Who was that?
Eph: My Ex-wife's boyfriend.
Fet: Not anymore.

Fet: I have feelings.
Setrakian: Leave the feeling to others.