Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Picture Preview: Diggle the Baby Daddy

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Was there ever a doubt John Diggle would make an incredible father?

Of course not!

Now we have photos to prove it. Diggle and Lyla (Dyla for those shipping the new parents) are lovingly tending their new baby girl, but fear not!

Diggle is not out of the action, because Lyla needs help finding one of her A.R.G.U.S. field ops who has gone dark on Corto Maltese. Expect Mark Shaw to double cross Diggle in Arrow Season 3 Episode 3, putting many lives in jeopardy. 

It's good timing, since Felicity tracked Thea to the same place (small world, right?!) and Oliver was already planing a trip. Roy will be tagging along as well, because he feels responsible for Thea's disappearing act.

Meanwhile, a ragged looking Laurel (sporting her sister's jacket) meets with Ted Grant, AKA Wildcat, who was a known mentor to Black Canary. Does she want to be prepared to avenge Sara's death?

Find out when you watch on October 23rd, and always check into TV Fanatic for the lastest news and reviews of Arrow.

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