Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Corto Maltese

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While Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 should have been a good time for Diggle to shine, for some reason the most outstanding moments went to other players.

And by outstanding moments, I'm being a bit generous, because there weren't many. It felt like a build up more than anything, but that's fine. It's just so rarely that any one story can revolve around Diggle that I wish he was given a bit more of the spotlight.

As it was, he got some information about Amanda Waller that might make him question his baby mama working for someone so cold. If Waller's all that Mark Shaw portrayed her to be, shouldn't Oliver know that, and shouldn't he warn his friend about Waller knowing Lyla's involvement?

The fight scenes in Corto Maltese with Mark Shaw and whoever the other guys were turned out great with the guns and physical action, but did you have the same look on your face that Roy did as he was fashioning a bow out of bed knobs and broomsticks? He just looked at it like "are you freaking kidding me?"

I never said I didn't know HOW to use a gun.


Anything or anyone that puts a bulls eye onto Diggle's new family is worrisome. He's so incredibly happy. I could watch Diggle watch his baby for an hour (it's still a little difficult to call her Sara...).

Diggle was also spot on about Oliver not telling Thea the truth right now. Would Oliver ever come straight out with the truth? No. What he did tell her propelled her to leave her new torture chamber with dear old dad, though.

My goodness. John Barrowman was great as Malcolm. He was never much of a father to Tommy and it appears he is more interested in being a teacher to his daughter than a father. First he poured boiling water over her hand (and I thought he was going to play slap the bowl -- silly me!) and then flattened her to the ground. There were great Arrow quotes from both lessons, but we'll stick with the first.

Every warrior must learn the simple truth -- that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.


To be honest, I think women have a better chance at stabilizing pain than men do, so I really didn't fear for Thea that much. At least she knew that emotionally she wouldn't be tossed around the room.

Malcolm let Thea win their sword fight so she could go home. What's his agenda for having her back in Starling City other than so viewers can have all of our favorite characters in one place? I'm glad Thea is finally getting a meaty story and she's getting to kick some ass.

Speaking of kicking ass, Laurel discovered she has another addiction. It's quite common for an addict to replace one type of adrenaline rush with another and I cannot think of a better one for Laurel than avenging her sister's death by picking up where she left off. 

Ironically, the more Det. Lance says she's not like her sister, the more determined she becomes to stand in her sister's shoes. That would be a good idea, for starters. The stilettos she wears normally aren't going to cut it if she's going to take on a new line of work. She knew that in Arrow Season 2 when she helped Team Arrow sporting sensible shoes while Felicity was darting around in heels.

Laurel: I know that it probably sounds insane. It probably is, but Sara, she gave me this and when I wear it, it makes me want to help people like she did. Like she's alive again.
Oliver: I get it. Sara had training. She had years...
Laurel: Oliver, I know. Which is why I need to start and I need your help.
Oliver: No.
Laurel: Oliver.
Oliver: No. NO. I, I want you to consider what would happen to your father if something happened to you.
Laurel: Oliver, ever since it happened, I have had this fire inside of me that I can't get rid of with booze or pills. I need another way and the other night, even though it went wrong, it was the first time since Sara died that I haven't felt that fire.
Oliver: I'm sorry. I can't. And even if I could, Sara would never forgive me.

Laurel went to the one person she trusts most to help her train. She's not an idiot (don't argue). She knows what her sister went through was no match for Laurel as she is today, but she also knows that she has a burning fire that needs tempered. 

Now, without the help of Oliver, with Lance in the dark about Sara and Ted Grant helping her train, she will likely just turn up one day as the Black Canary and surprise the hell out of everyone. For the record, I think Sara would be severely disappointed in Oliver turning his back on Laurel. If she didn't think her sister had something, she would have never given her the coat.

I admit, I wondered what in the hell Laurel was doing on the street with a ski mask and a bat, and I laughed when I saw her in the hospital because she just looked so defeated... but it wasn't because I don't find what she's doing admirable or that I don't think she'll succeed. The more people push her down, the more likely she will be to fly (bird reference included free of charge).

Elsewhere, we wondered how things would work out with Felicity and Ray Palmer. Well, I didn't catch her new title, but she's definitely being better utilized now and is in Oliver's old office, if I'm not mistaken. Ray appreciates her skills and is even willing to put up with her crazy days filled with SOS phone calls. He got what he wanted in one day -- access to top secret weapons plans. What's he going to do with them?

Felicity, meanwhile, has her own executive assistant and a few days off to go see her friend Barry. I was wondering if they were going to bring that up and I'm very happy when the two worlds fully connect. She's moving on and still helping Team Arrow. That's as it should be.

So what do you think Thea's going to take on when she gets back to town? What is Malcolm's agenda? With Nyssa coming in, do you think she'll find it in her heart to help her lover's sister where Oliver wouldn't? What about Lyla? Will Diggle be able to sit back knowing how badly she treats people? Will Oliver step in with some information?

All it took was a continuous stream of lies and several deaths to start this story rolling in a completely different direction. The future looks pretty bright right now. Hit the comments and share your thoughts on what's to come.

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Corto Maltese Review

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I don't want to hurt or be hurt ever again and you seem like someone who could teach me not to.


You're very perceptive Thea. Knowing what people are hiding behind their smiles, your mother had that talent.