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From our favorite characters dealing with a the loss of a close friend, to the end of an elaborate conspiracy, Bones Season 10 Episode 2 left us with plenty to discuss.

This week, TV Fanatic writers Mary Kate Venedam, Christine Orlando, Michelle Carlbert and Ashley Bissette Sumerel are joined by Bridget Liszewski from The TV Junkies for a discussion of "The Lance to the Heart." Won't you join them?

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How did you feel about the way Sweets’ death was handled? And what about Brennan’s speech at the funeral?

Mary Kate: I thought they handled the death well, considering the situation. It's still weird that Aubrey looks exactly like Sweets. It was also kind of creepy thinking that the bones were Sweets because we're so used to them being the victims we haven't met before. I liked Brennan's speech, it was very like Brennan to make it very scientific, but what made it better was how sentimental it was. Of course, that just made it all the more sadder.

Bridget: I thought they handled Sweets’ death great. The producers and writers clearly understood what they were doing and how important he was; not only to the characters, but also for fans. They did a nice job of showing how his death affected each member of the group differently. Some chose to throw themselves into the work (Daisy), while others blamed themselves (Booth), but in the end, they all came together to honor their friend in a really sweet, and very Bones-like way.

Brennan’s speech was the culmination of 10 seasons of growth for her character. We never would have seen the Brennan of earlier seasons able to give a speech like that. I think it was very fitting that she was the one to give it.

Christine: I really enjoyed Brennan's speech. It was very much who she is but showed how far she's come over the years and how much she loved Sweets. The entire event was unique but I thought it was appropriate for Sweets. He will be missed.

Michelle: I have to say that I couldn't help but to be little disturbed by how Sweets' body kept showing up throughout the episode. I know that logically it was their job and they do this all the time, but no matter how much I told myself that, I just couldn't bear to look at him that way. As for Brennan's speech, I loved how she was able to put her usual scientific spin on it and yet she was the one who made me cry the hardest.

Ashley: I agree. I think it was handled well. As Bridget says, the writers and producers knew how important he was, and they had to be respectful and spend enough time on it. I think they did a good job of showing his influence on the entire group, and I liked that even though Sweets was gone, he helped solve the case. But like Michelle says, wow-- it was tough seeing his body like that.

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Who, if anyone, do you think was missing from Sweets’ funeral?

Mary Kate: Every. Single. Squintern. We know that Sweets doesn't have family, but it would make sense that other squinterns were there, especially the ones we saw him have a friendship with.

Bridget: As I watched the scene I didn’t have anyone that immediately sprang to mind. Sweets never had any family, his friends and the team were his family. So it seemed right that they were the ones there for him in the end. There were no glaring omissions for me.

Christine: I was surprised more of the interns weren't there but then I had to wonder how many of them he'd really interacted with over the years. The funeral was his closest friends, which felt right.

Michelle: It felt small, not going to lie. Perhaps it's been overdone to have a big funeral with the flowers and the suits and all that, but I guess I'm a sucker for tradition because I really missed those elements. As nice as it was to have just the core group there, it might have been equally nice to have some other people there. I know he didn't have many family but surely he had friends or even coworkers who loved him enough to attend his service?

Ashley: Even though the small funeral felt right, I just found it hard to believe that's all who would have been there. Other people from the FBI? The Jeffersonion? The squinterns? I wondered about little Christine, too. She was close enough to call him, "Uncle Sweets." But maybe she would have been too young for that...

Brennan got really upset with Booth in this episode. What did you make of that scene?

Mary Kate: It was very out of the blue, but to knock some sense into Booth, it was probably necessary. He was going to get in even more trouble if Brennan didn't have that confrontation.

Bridget: I think it was an indication of things to come, unfortunately. When Sweets’ death happened, and the nature of how it came about, I knew it would serve as a challenge to Booth and Brennan’s relationship. That can be a good thing for them. Of course Booth blames himself, and he’s feeling pretty lost right now. I think that fight scene served as a reminder, to both Booth and the audience, that Brennan is his emotional anchor. He’s a bit lost, and he needs to her to ground him, and be there for him to cling to until he finds his way back.

Christine: Booth has always been about finding justice and following the law. Even as a sniper in the military, when he killed someone it was under a very strict code. In this case he was willing to kill a man to avenge his friend even though there wasn't enough evidence to actually prove it. Seeing such an extreme change in him had to be scary for Brennan. I think she was trying to shock him into seeing what he was becoming and how it was something Sweets wouldn't have wanted.

Michelle: It was great. Brennan gave Booth the kick in the pants and the dose of truth that he needed at that point. Bringing up his faith was a smart idea and the proof of how well it worked came when we saw Booth pretty much back to his old self (clean-shaven, suit and tie) almost immediately. She knew exactly what to say to him to snap him out of the head space he was in.

Ashley: I agree with Mary Kate that it was out of the blue, but also necessary. I just wish they would have spent more time with it.

On Bones Season 10 Episode 1, it sounded like Booth would be ready to give up his job at the FBI once the conspiracy was laid to rest. Now that it’s over, do you think he’ll stay? What would keep him there?

Mary Kate: Booth likes what he does, maybe not the politics, but he likes that he can stop the bad guys. As long as Booth has someone at the FBI to trust he'll stay. I think also the fact that he can work with Brennan is a plus to staying and knowing that he is the if he stays at the FBI he's the good guy who can keep everything straight on the inside.

Bridget: Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t have the show if he didn’t stay. So of course he’s going to stay. I do think he lost faith in the FBI, which was one of his main beliefs in life; the belief he had in his job and country. That’s been shaken. Knowing Booth, he’s someone that works to right a wrong, and he’s a protector. I think he’ll stay in hopes that he can clean things up and restore them to greatness. His colleagues are also his family, he’ll want to continue working there for them.

Christine: I think he'll stay. He has such a sense of duty that I think he needs to be a part of something larger than himself, and if that means fixing the FBI from the inside then I think that is what he'll do.

Michelle: I think he's absolutely going to stay. As I said above, Brennan's speech really seemed to snap him back to where he used to be as an agent. She got him to realize that he can continue to do good things and that he didn't need to quit the FBI just because of what happened, as horrible as it was.

Ashley: Yes. What they all said. He's got to stay, and it makes sense that he will try to fix things from the inside. And Brennan is a major factor here too. How else can the two of them keep working together?

We haven’t had a chance to see the other squinterns yet this season, but I think we might soon. Which one are you most excited to see next?

Mary Kate: Wendell!! He has always been my favorite. I'm also looking forward to seeing where his cancer story is now, but he's the Squintern that I look forward to seeing him in the show.

Bridget: What I love about the squinterns is that I’ve never had a clear cut favorite. That’s why I love the revolving door aspect they have going. We get to see them come and go before we get annoyed with their quirks, or they overstay their welcome. If I had to pick, I do hope to see Wendell and check in on how he’s doing. I also enjoy when Finn (aka “The Hicktern” as I lovingly call him) comes around because he usually has some good scenes with Cam.

Christine: I'm curious to see how Wendell is doing. He was fighting cancer last season and I've got my fingers crossed we'll get a happy ending for him, especially after enduring losing Sweets.

Michelle: I really want to find out how Wendell is doing so I hope that we see him soon. Though I also love Arastoo so I'd like to see him back soon, too. It's kind of too hard to choose because I love all the squinterns.

Ashley: I'll make it unanimous -- I want to see Wendell! And I agree with Christine that I hope we get a happy ending. We can't handle losing him after losing Sweets.

Did you have a favorite scene or quote from this episode?

Mary Kate: The funeral scene was good. It was nice to see the whole cast together for Sweets. But nothing got me more than seeing all of them singing "Put the Lime in the Coconut" for him. I also liked the first scene with Booth and Brennan and when Christine walked in. It was completely heartbreaking, but I just liked that Christine was in the episode.

Bridget: I really enjoyed the fight scene between Booth and Brennan. It was a little hard to watch at times, but I thought Emily and David did such a great job with it.  They’ve worked together a long time, and portrayed these characters for a really long time. Yet it was still evident in that scene, how much they care for and can still bring such great passion to these roles. As for a quote, I think I’d be remiss to not mention Brennan’s “Love cannot be explained by science or religion. It’s beyond the mind, beyond reason. What I do know, loving Sweets, loving each other, that’s what makes life worthwhile.”

Christine: Little Christine walking in and being ready to go for her day with Sweets and Daisy was just heartbreaking. I wish we could have heard her parents explain what had happened but I understand how playing such a scene with a young child actor could be difficult. Still, even that one moment left an impression.

Michelle: Brennan's speech at the end of the episode really got to me, as did the scene where Brennan and Daisy sat with Sweets' skeleton and had another "conversation" with him. That was one time where I wasn't as freaked out to see his remains on display.

Ashley: What they said! All of those scenes were so significant. If I had to choose, though, I think my favorite was when they all sang, "Put the Lime in the Coconut." It was a nice way to honor Sweets, but it was also nice to see Booth smile a little when they started singing.

So what did you think, Bones Fanatics? Were you happy with the way Sweets' death was handled? And what was your favorite scene? Leave a comment to let us know your answers!

And if you can't wait for the next episode, you can always catch up with your favorite squinterns when you watch Bones online via TV Fanatic.

Ashley Bissette Sumerel was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in September 2017. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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