Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Gay or British?

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Tonight marks what I hope will be the start of many episodes filled with Tucker Potter. 

A British import and colleague of Dana's, I fell for him right along with Dana. Not only was he smooth, charming and ruggedly handsome, but he could wear the hell out of a pinkie ring and a black turtleneck. 

Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 3 may just be my favorite episode yet and not just because of the addition of Tucker, although he was magical. The jokes were flying this week and everyone was on fire. 

Dana and Peter continue dating and they were even able to cross another thing off Dana's bucket list. It's nice to see playboy Peter connecting with Dana. He's come a long way from Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 1

While they're continuing to date, they've decided to do so casually and have agreed to see other people. That's a slippery slope when you're at that stage of dating where you're not exclusive, but there is absolutely no one way you want to know about what the other person is doing. 

As Peter puts it, in only the way Peter can... 

Dana and I had just reached the perfect relationship spot. You know, where we know we're seeing other people but we never talk about it. It's all the fun without the guilt.


So things got awkward when Dana found out that Amy was having a dinner party and Peter was bringing someone else. Considering Dana lives with Amy, I found it a little odd that Peter would look to bring someone else, even if there was a plan to get Dana out of the house. He really could have skipped the dinner party entirely, I hardly think Amy would have noticed. 

Armed with the knowledge that Peter had a plus one, Dana went out to find hers and that's when she met her senior editor, Tucker. I know I've already gushed about Tucker enough, but he really was so so great and he and Dana had an easy banter that included Harry Potter references and bad accents. 

It was just a matter of time before Dana invited Tucker to the dinner party and she did so after Peter showed up offering her a pity date. I get that he meant well by asking her, but Dana was right when she told Peter...

Dana: Here's the thing, if you really wanted to ask me to this dinner party you would have done so before I found out on my own.
Peter: Well, that's something I obviously hadn't thought of.

When Dana did get around to inviting Tucker, he agreed and then we found out the Tucker truth...he was gay. If the episode title wasn't so brazen, I wouldn't have seen that coming. And poor Dana had absolutely no idea. 

At the party, Peter decides to show up without a date, believing that Dana would also be coming alone. When he sees her with Tucker, he's visibly jealous and he and Tucker have a great back and forth. It's always funny to watch two good looking guys go back and forth and try to one up each other. 

Tucker: Fencing's the sport with swords. Like Pirates of the Caribbean.
Peter: I was a football man myself. You know, football, not your kind of football, it's the dangerous, hard kind that people enjoy watching.

Because Amy is Amy, she recognizes that Tucker is gay immediately. Dana is shocked and she just hopes that Peter won't find out and tease her for being the little naive, small town girl.

But Peter does find out, when Tucker informs him that he believed Dana was trying to set him and Peter up. Well, Peter isn't Tucker's type because DUH and he plans on rubbing it in Dana's face. However, he backs out at the last minute because he doesn't want to hurt Dana.

Peter is growing, guys! Each week he is slowly turning into the kind of guy that deserves someone like Dana. And I love it. 

It's looking like each week there is going to be an office subplot and I think this was the best one so far. David orders over a thousand trophies that are, let's say, overly sexual in nature. Chloe was loving every second of watching her brother squirm as he tried to keep his father from finding out. 

When dear old Dad did find out, Chloe came through for David, surprising us all. She was able to ship those trophies off to the Adult Video Awards and all was well with the world. 

Chloe is really growing on me and after Analeigh Tipton, she may be this show's secret MVP.

Alright guys, what did you think of this week's episode? Did you love Tucker as much as me? He has to be back again, right? How funny is Chloe? And don't you wish you saw Kinky Boots with Tucker and David?

In case you missed anything, remember to visit the Manhattan Love Story quotes page and watch Manhattan Love Story online anytime to keep up. 

Gay or British? Review

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Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Dana and I had just reached the perfect relationship spot. You know, where we know we're seeing other people but we never talk about it. It's all the fun without the guilt.


Are you pausing so that I invite you to the party?