Reign Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Drawn and Quartered

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Political intrigue!

We got a lot of it in Reign Season 2 Episode 2 and it worked really well. There were so many twists and turns mid-story that you really had to pay attention.

This isn't just a little show about a young Queen choosing between two brothers anymore. Look beyond the historical inaccuracies and at the brilliant tales they're telling, because they're top notch.

We knew things wouldn't be easy for Mary when Francis returned with Lola and their son in tow, but she surprised me. A lot of people saw the way Mary dealt with Edward Narcisse in Reign Season 2 Episode 1 as an indication she is following in Catherine's footsteps. While she may have been cunning with her machinations of the situation, she chose not to follow the path set by a nobleman because she wants things to be different under her reign with Francis.

At first, Mary felt that Francis' acceptance of Lola's son would put their marriage in jeopardy. The world was watching for her to bear Francis an heir, and claiming Lola's bastard would only increase the pressure she's already feeling. But after another very grueling day and witnessing the way Catherine treated her once dear friend Nostradamus, Mary softened.

The only way Mary can be sure she's not like Catherine is to act in ways Catherine would not. That includes allowing Francis to claim his first born son as a royal and to provide him a life much different than what Bash endured. Catherine also gave that same advice to Francis, but it's hard not to assume she did it so Francis would hurt Mary.

Catherine wasn't pleased in the slightest with the discovery she was poisoned so Mary could carry out her plan with Edward Narcisse. Nostradamus got the brunt of it, to be sure, but Francis and Mary came through for him, too. He left the castle, but not before almost being drawn and quartered and implanting Catherine with another harrowing image -- Clarissa is alive. Does that mean his vision of Francis' death will still come to pass?

Were you guys as proud of Francis and Mary as I was after they pulled off the argument in front of Lord Narcisse to stop the death of Nostradamus?! I really didn't think they were acting until Francis spun on his heel so quickly to walk away. It was almost as if he needed to run to keep from giggling at what they had gotten away with.

I was wondering how they would allow Lord Narcisse to get away with murder, considering he's sticking around the show for a while (check out an interview with Craig Parker for more info), and that was really the only way it could be done.

The King and Queen of France really do make a lovely team. Despite what Mary said about his son, it will continue to eat away at her. It has to. She's human and she loves her husband. Seeing him with another's child while she remains without will be one of her biggest tests. 

Greer really mucked thing up with Lord Castleroy. First, I must call foul to the tombstone for Yvette. It was already weathered. She just died! He stone would have been new. Tsk tsk. Otherwise, Greer's attempt to make things right by apologizing to Leith and then coming clean with Castleroy lead to the latter taking off, perhaps never to return.

Making matters worse, Francis had to promise Lord Narcisse lands of his choosing to appease his blood lust. He chose Leith's lands. Whether another parcel will be granted to him remains to be seen, but the guy must be gutted. He was so proud and working so hard. With Castleroy perhaps never returning, if she had thoughts of taking up with Leith again, it seems he's again without land. She cares most for her security, and he cannot provide it.

Bash received his official appointment as the King's Deputy (a title provided by Kenna) in a really touching scene with Francis after going out to dig up some dirt on Lord Narcisse. Finding actual proof would have required actually digging up dead bodies and releasing the Plague, so he wisely chose against it.

However, Bash continued to be spooked pretty much everywhere he went by the possibility of spirits lingering in the castle. He's going to be very concerned when he learns Nostradamus took his leave, because he felt the man could help. 

It seems his brother will soon join him in that worry. What about that final scene?! At first I thought the nursemaid was trying to tell Francis she was his mother but, noooooo, she was possessed by the spirit of King Henry! 

Hey -- if they can't have rotating romantic pairings to spice things up, they're going to stick with the dead haunting the living. It's The CW and it works. Even if it's only in their minds, the mind is a powerful tool.

What did you think of all the political twists and turns? What are your worries for the King and Queen and what to you hope to see next? Don't forget. You can watch Reign online via TV Fanatic any time! Check out the Reign quotes, too. They're totally worth it!

Drawn and Quartered Review

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Reign Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Francis: I don't know what role he'll have at court, but I want to be a part of my son's life. Of this child's life. But we will have others. Mary, my father's indiscretions were blatant, but out of respect for his wife he gave Bash no title or standing. It hurt him and it hurt me to see it.
Mary: The eyes of the world are watching to see if we will, if I can bear an heir, not just for France, for Scotland and England as well. I know this has nothing to do with the role you decide to have in your son's life.
Francis: Well perhaps it should.
Mary: Those who are close to us, even here at court, will know the truth. Mother has guessed it already. Spend time with your son, absolutely...
Francis: But don't claim him. Officially you mean.
Mary: Yes.

It's 12 corpses, all adults. No shovels, no hooks! Keep your gloves on and wrap them with care.