Sleepy Hollow Round Table: Wendigo Blues

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It's Sleepy Hollow Round Table time, welcome back! This week we met Sheriff Corbin's son, who also happened to be a Wendigo. Scary wasn't he?

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Whitney Evans, Stacy Glanzman and Henry A. Otero as we discuss Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6. Below, we touch on everything from Daniel Boone, to potential love triangles and that poison spider. Take part in the discussion by adding your own answers in the comments below...

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What was your first impression of Joe Corbin? Did you know right away he was the Wendigo?

Jim: Yeah, I had a feeling that he only survived because he was supernatural.

Stacy: My first impression of him made me think the casting director of this show must be female because he was very pretty. Yeah, I suspected it was probably him.

Whitney: My first thought was why is he being so mean to Abbie? But after they fleshed him out and we learned more about their background, I saw where he was coming from. And by the end of the episode I was kind of hoping he would be sticking around for a bit. I also suspected he was the wendigo right away.

Hank: I thought it was too obvious Joe was the creature and expected the writers to go in a different direction. When it became more about saving him than killing the Wendigo that felt satisfying to me. Like Whitney I was hoping Joe would stick around, who knows maybe he'll pop up again this season.

Share your thoughts on Ichabod's Daniel Boone and Shawnee history lesson.

Jim: I enjoyed it. As my family comes from Oklahoma where we have Shawnee in our bloodline (very diluted by now), it was nice to them use a different Indian nationality.

Stacy: Is there anyone from the Colonial time period or the Revolutionary War that Ichabod didn't know? He must have really gotten around. I'm not complaining though because I loved his explanation for why he wore the coon-skin cap.

Whitney: I agree with Stacy here. There really isn't anything or anyone in that time period Ichabod isn't familiar with. He was clearly a very busy and popular guy. But I love the way the show incorporates history. It always makes for fun reveals.

Hank: I've complained before about the fact Colonial times seem to have revolved around Ichabod. Now I just go with the flow, it's the shows shtick so I laugh it off. As Stacy mentioned the explanation for Boone's coon-skin cap was great. I love when the series introduces Native American myths and lore, more of that please!

Is a love triangle between Nick Hawley and the Mills sisters inevitable? How do you feel about that?

Jim: I don't think it will be a triangle, but I can tell there is some history between Nick and Jenny. Of course Nick just gets cutier every episode, so maybe Abbie will get on board after all.

Stacy: I hope not. I really like that this show isn't about relationship drama and I don't really want to go there. However, when I saw Jenny kiss him last week I definitely thought "at least someone is taking advantage of all the good looking men on this show."

Whitney: I can't really see Abbie fighting someone over a man. Now Jenny on the other hand, I could totally see fighting over someone. And I would not want to mess with her. Well, maybe if it's Hawley.

Hank: I'm with Stacy, Sleepy Hollow doesn't need relationship drama... it's the end of days people, get your demon hunting on! That said, I have a bad feeling we're heading to love-triangleville. Ugh!

Favorite Ichabodism?

Jim: I loved him and Abbie talking about the rodent-hat wearing Daniel Boone. I drove through the Daniel Boone national forest on Saturday, so it made me laugh a little harder.  

Stacy: This is a tough one. The yoga scene was hilarious but I think I have to go with Ichabod trash talking while playing the online video game. That seemed to be a much better way for him to vent his frustration.

Whitney: Ichabod playing video games was the biggest laugh of the night for me. His trash talking skills could use some help, though.

Hank: That's awesome Jim haha. The Yoga scene was fun, I liked the line... "I find Yoga neither soothing nor relaxing. Made more uncomfortable still by discussion of my double jugg." Never heard of one's backside referred to as the "double jugg." Hilarious stuff!

Will the poison spider kill Katrina? Or is Henry up to something much more evil? Is Henry Parrish redeemable?

Jim: I hope it doesn't kill Katrina, but given her overall "meh" contribution this season, it wouldn't be that big of loss. And I think Henry Parrish needs to be beaten with a stick, then beaten with a shovel, then set on fire, and finally chopped into little bits - THEN check and see if he is redeemable.

Stacy: I don't think so. It's too early in the series/season to kill off Katrina. We've barely even gotten to see much of her so far. I think this is a way to bring her into the show more and let her interact with our heroes again. It could be meant as a distraction for them while Henry plots something even worse. As far as him being redeemable, at this point I haven't seen anything from him that shows he still has his humanity, so I would say no. Maybe that will change but right now he seems pretty evil.

Whitney: I can't imagine Henry's master plan is to kill Katrina with a spider. I think it's a way to bring Ichabod and Abbie to her, but while they're preoccupied with that I don't know what he will be doing. I've never been a big Katrina fan, but I certainly can't see them killing her off this early into the second season. I think Henry is a lost cause. Just pure, pure evil.

Hank: My theory is that the spider poisoned her womb to allow Moloch to be reborn outside purgatory. The writers have to bring the big bad out of purgatory at some point, why not use Katrina (a vessel) right? It just all adds up, but will she die in childbirth? That remains to be seen. As far as Henry, I can't imagine Ichabod telling him he loves his son is going to move Henry much. Still, even Darth Vader was redeemed by his son so you never know.

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Katrina withheld too much from me. And it's hard in good conscious to believe in her as I have.


Valley Forge turned good men into beasts. Some even stooped to cannibalism in their desperation. Rumor told squire Boone was among them. Even attacked his own brother.