Watch Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6 online to why Sheriff Corbin's son returned to Sleepy Hollow, and what secrets he's keeping. Abbie and Ichabod work to save him from a curse.

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Watch Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to meet Sheriff Corbin's son, Joe, and learn his story. While attempting to relax trying Yoga, Ichabod mentions his disappointment in Katrina. Her lie about Mary (the Weeping Lady) makes it hard for him to believe in her. Rather than continue with Yoga, the duo heads down to the local bar to unwind. There they bump into Joe Corbin, who recently returned to town. After Joe's entire platoon was mysteriously killed, and he was the only survivor he was discharged. Soon, a wild animal attacks and mauls two men in the woods. It doesn't take long for Ichabod to make the connection. Ichabods tells Abbie that he and Daniel Boone were pals. Rumor has it that Boone's brother was a beast who attacked Daniel. That famous raccoon hat hid a terrible scar. Boone lived with the Shawnee for a time and learned the truth about the wendigo. He shared tales of this shape shifter with Ichabod. Sheriff Cobin left something buried for his son at Pioneer Point. Abbie and Ichabod confront him, but Joe runs from them. During the chase Ichabod cuts himself. The blood transforms Joe into the wendigo. Abbie uses tranquilizers to bring the creature down. Nick Hawley is brought in to help, so he and Ichabod visit his Shawnee tribe friends to discuss a cure. When the wendigo is fed human organs he returns to human form. Joe tells every one about a powder he received. Henry's "supernatural anthax" was responsible for Joe's curse. What was Henry after? Why that potion Sheriff Cobin left buried of course. Henry and the Hessians arrive and Joe turns over the poison to avoid a bloodbath. Naturally, Henry can not be trusted and rather than save Joe, he triggers the wendigo. Abbie, determined to save Joe, manages to trap the creature while Ichabod performs an incantation. The wendigo returns to human form and Joe is saved. Elsewhere, Henry conjures up a poisonous spider which is seen entering Katrina's mouth.

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When Sheriff Corbin's son returns to Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Abbie are suspicious of his odd behavior.

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Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Katrina withheld too much from me. And it's hard in good conscious to believe in her as I have.


Valley Forge turned good men into beasts. Some even stooped to cannibalism in their desperation. Rumor told squire Boone was among them. Even attacked his own brother.