Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6 Review: And the Abyss Gazes Back

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This week's installment had it all, comedy, serious emotional stakes, an amazing lookin' creature and an ending we'll be talking about all week. Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6 is easily one of my favorite episodes so far.

Now we know why Henry wanted that bone flute powder. Man is he bad news but, despite everything, Icabod loves him. Is the Horseman of War redeemable?

Abbie and Joe Corbin had a complicated past and that flashback with Clancy Brown hit the spot. I've been missing Corbin Sr. and I'm glad we had a chance to spend some time with him again.

How hilarious was that opening sequence? I was thinking Henry somehow caught up with his father and was torturing the witnesses, but alas it was only yoga. The fact that Ichabod didn't find yoga soothing nor relaxing was a trip. However, his discomfort at the word "butt" was downright hysterical. I've never heard the expression "double jug" and I've got to agree with Abbie it's way weirder.

It was very cool that the writers touched on Katrina's lie about Mary so quickly. In last week's Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 5 review I mentioned Ichabod's disappointment in Katrina. I loved that he used that exact word to describe his feelings. Of course he's hurt, what else is his wife keeping from him?

Katrina withheld too much from me. And it's hard in good conscious to believe in her as I have.


Ichabod toasting Washington using Franklin's words was brilliant. It was nice to hear him say something pleasant about the guy for a change. Didn't the actor playing Corbin's son (Zach Appelman) bear a striking resemblance to Clancy Brown? He fit seamlessly with the cast as well. Wouldn't it be cool if he stopped by every now and again?

We learned that Joe's platoon was killed and he was the only survivor. Though it seemed pretty obvious Joe was the wendigo, I loved that the episode became about saving him. Also, the connection with Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 4 and the crushed bone flute was excellent. Now we know how Henry used that powder.

The quick story of young Corbin dressed as Superman saving Abbie not only told us he's a good guy, but it set up Ichabod's superhero mix up. The fish out of water shtick never gets old and Tom Mison is so good at it.

Was that wendigo creature scary or what? The mauled body was really graphic for broadcast TV, too. Hannibal set the bar and now every show has to push the gross out factor boundaries a little farther.

Elsewhere, it's confirmed that Irving's soul belongs to the Horseman of War. Reclaiming it by taking the life of the man that paralyzed his daughter was a tempting option. Especially since the guy turned out to be such an a-hole. Their meeting was tense and seemed to have put Irving out of commission for a bit.

Ichabod made the connection between Joe and the creature very quickly this week. Of course the similarities were pretty darn obvious. Once again, Ichabod's history lesson informed us that he and Daniel Boone were pals. It turned out that raccoon hat hid a terrible scar inflicted by his own brother. This show's version of history is ridiculously entertaining isn't it?   

Valley Forge turned good men into beasts. Some even stooped to cannibalism in their desperation. Rumor told squire Boone was among them. Even attacked his own brother.


So Boone lived with the Shawnee for a time and shared the fact his brother was a wendigo with Ichabod. How creepy that the creature can only return to human form after consuming human organs. Eeeek!

In Joe's apartment we learned Cobin left something buried for him at Pioneer Point. When Abbie and Ichabod confronted him, Joe made a run for it. I wasn't surprised Ichabod cut himself during the chase; we needed that wendigo action. The transformation that followed was one of the best I think we've ever seen on Sleepy Hollow. Can you imagine that thing coming that close to your face? No thanks.

It's surprising they turned to Nick Hawley for help. Sure, he was more agreeable last week, but he's still only out for himself. Is it possible seeing the wendigo and learning more about their crusade will make Hawley turn over a new leaf? I think the witnesses could use the help and they definitely need a break. By the way, if we weren't sure of his attraction to Abbie before, it's pretty clear now. Even Jenny noticed it so my guess that a love triangle is coming might not be too far off. I still hate the idea of that; how about you?

Jenny threw some organs at the wendigo and poof he changed back into Joe Corbin. Again, wasn't it cool to learn Henry's "supernatural Anthrax" was responsible for Joe's troubles? War cooked all this up to get his hands on the bottle of poison. It's interesting that Ichabod told Joe he loved Henry despite everything. Will telling Henry be some kind of turning point? Is that all it's going to take?

It was a nice twist that the fourth turn would make Joe a wendigo forever.

Wasn't it great the way Ichabod and Nick complained about partnering up. Those two characters are a wonderful yin and yang. It's definitely one of my favorite relationships this season; they're a ton of fun to watch. The Shawnee weren't too much trouble, no thanks to Hawley. One mention of squire Boone by Ichabod was all it took and even Hawley seemed impressed.

As I mentioned at the top, Clancy Brown's return as Sheriff Corbin was wonderful. It also gave us the most emotional scene of the hour. Nicole Beharie's performance moved me and yes I teared up a bit.

Abbie: That's what made me change. I wanted to be a part of that.
Joe: You know I always felt like there was something wrong with me. Like I wasn't enough for him.
Abbie: No Joe, he just had such a big heart he couldn't stop helping people. That's just who he was. You have to know he was crazy about you and so proud. That's why he passed you the torch, you're his son. You were his world.
Joe: I miss him you know?
Abbie: I do too. No matter how bad it got between you guys he always loved you.

Enter Henry and the Hessians... wait a second that sounds like a rock band or something Ha!

By the way, how did Henry know how to find them? Joe agreed to turn over the poison to avoid a bloodbath. Poor guy, he should have listened to Abbie. We all know Henry can not be trusted. Did you expect Henry would trigger the wendigo? Though I wasn't expecting it, it made total sense.

Doesn't Hawley get some great lines? Like calling Ichabod "Mr. Dances with Wendigos." Abbie was determined to save Joe, not kill him. They trapped the creature and Ichabod performed the Shawnee incantation. I thought for a second there they were too late. Commercial break psyche, the creature changed back and Joe was saved. I like that every once and while the good guys win. Don't you?

Ichabod playing an online video game was fun, he's enjoying our modern distractions isn't he?

While Henry conjures up the poisonous spider Ichabod talks of fighting for his son. Is Henry Parrish redeemable? Does the spider entering Katrina's mouth mean she's going to die or is she under Henry's control now?

What did you think of "And The Abyss Gazes Back?" Was the wendigo scary as hell or what? Are you glad Joe survived? Is Henry redeemable? What's the deal with the spider, is Katrina now under his control? Your turn my fellow Sleepyheads, hit the comments below and share your thoughts with me. Look for our Sleepy Hollow round table later this week.

Remember you can watch Sleepy Hollow online via TV Fanatic if you've missed an episode or want to relive the madness!

And the Abyss Gazes Back Review

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Katrina withheld too much from me. And it's hard in good conscious to believe in her as I have.


Valley Forge turned good men into beasts. Some even stooped to cannibalism in their desperation. Rumor told squire Boone was among them. Even attacked his own brother.