Sons of Anarchy Round Table: Juice Gets Squeezed

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Nero and Juice end up on death row, Gemma admits the truth (to a waitress) and Unser gets kicked to the curb on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 6.

Below, TV Fanatics Leigh Raines, Amanda Wolf and Christine Orlando are joined by Patricia from to debate how long Juice has to live, whether he will he come clean about Tara's murder and whether Nero suspects the truth...

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Will Juice tell Jax the truth about Gemma murdering Tara?

Leigh: I can't imagine another lie Juice could tell that would explain why he's been entwined with Gemma for the past few months. So yes, I kind of think he will tell Jax at least that Gemma lied about the Chinese.  

Patricia: Juice now knows that the MC is aware of his first betrayal of Jax to Nero...because he wants so desperately to be part of the MC, he certainly could tell Chibs that Gemma 'forked' Tara and let Chibs take it to Jax. Juice no longer has any trust in Gemma because she was going to kill him. At this point I believe that Nero could be the one to tell Jax of his suspicions of Juice being involved in Tara's murder and I believe that Wendy has suspicions that Juice and Gemma are involved with Tara's murder but Wendy is probably remembering that Gemma told her she could earn previous betrayals back. Wendy is so wishy washy about her love for Jax that she won't say a word. Unser is hot on the trail as well.

Amanda: I think this all depends on how close to death he gets in this episode. If he sees a way out I can see him revealing some life saving information. I don't think he will survive the end of this season, but I do think he may live to see another episode or two. He is already on death row so I am wondering how long he will give two shits about Gemma. 

Christine:  Juice has been half out of his mind for most of this season so anything is possible, yet I don't think he'll offer up the information right away to save himself. I think Nero's suspicions may end up leading to Juice's confession. It will probably happen but it won't be quick.

Is Jax going to kill Juice?

Leigh: No, I actually don't think that he is. But predicting this final ride is next to impossible. What if Nero ended up taking down Juice for Gemma? I don't see it happening, but I could see Juice going out another way. 

Patricia:  I'm thinking Jax is going to tell Juice he can earn his way back to the MC by bringing Marks down. Jax is smart enough to give the order for Juice to die and plot how it will be done, but he won't actually be the one to pull the trigger, metaphorically speaking.

Amanda: This answer will have to go along with my first answer. Juice obviously won't be just taken out back and shot suddenly. He is an ex-member who was going to rat them out, his death will need to be shown being dealt with by the rest of the characters and it will probably be a bit SAMCRO ritualistic. That being the case I can see Juice coming up with some intel for Jax, but what kind?  Maybe not this episode, but I eventually think that Juice will be killed by Jax.

Christine:  My guess is that Jax will send Juice to prison so he can murder Lin for Tara's death, which Juice knows wasn't his fault. Not that the truth will stop Jax from getting the job done. Plus Jax will know that the odds are Lin's crew will kill Juice in retaliation before he can get out. 

Wendy admitted that she still loves Jax. Do you want to see these two together as a couple? Do you think it could happen?

Leigh: Mehhh, I doubt it. Jax appreciates her loyalty and love for the kids, but they're not meant to be as a couple. There's zilch there. 

Patricia:  No, No, No...I do not want Jax and Wendy together. Jax admitted to Tara that she was just a sad time out. We certainly know that JAX is lost, lonely and devastated because of Tara's murder. For once in his life, I want Jax to think with his upper brain only. With Sutter as the show runner, anything could happen. Wendy is spineless and she admitted she never knew Jax. Tara knew Jax's heart, soul and mind.

She felt his pain and agony. Wendy can never receive the kind of love from Jax that Tara did. How is it possible for her to become such a good person in just a short amount of time? Wendy only thinks of Wendy! .Now to Bobby, I have always loved and agreed with him but not here. Has he forgotten that Tara saved his life when he was shot during the Clay escape? He told Tara that the entire MC loved her. Tara was their doctor and she truly loved all of the guys. Come on Sutter, give us a break here!!!

Amanda: Wendy admitted she still loves Jax, but I think she is pretty dumb for still loving him. She needs to go back to moving on like she was doing in the first place! I know she wants to help out but it just isn't good for her at all. I also don't think that Jax would be in a relationship with her again. 

Christine:  How she could possibly love a guy that has been so brutal towards her is beyond me but the heart is a strange thing. Jax would only use her for the convenience of having her take care of the kids. For her sake I hope she gets away from SAMCRO and takes the boys with her. 

Do you think Nero suspects what Gemma has done?

Leigh: Absolutely. Does he love her enough to try and save her from the club? Nero strikes me as the kind of guy who doesn't stand for a lot and knowing Gemma caused all of this mayhem and murdered Tara wouldn't fly with him. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he loves Gemma that much. 

Patricia:  Oh yes, Nero is as smart as JAX! He has almost got this thing solved.

Amanda: I don't think he suspects what she has done, I don't know if his mind would take him so far to suspect that. He just thinks that Gemma was hiding Juice for some reason from Jax, but hiding him because of Tara's murder. Not sure. 

Christine:  I agree with Amanda here. I think he suspects that Gemma was hiding things from Jax and into something she should be but I doubt anyone would jump to Gemma actually murdering Tara and then lying and letting this kind of slaughter to occur to cover it up. It's simply insane.

Is Gemma really angry with Unser or scared that he's going to figure out the truth?

Leigh: She's scared for her life. Unser has done more for her than anyone else. 

Patricia:  Gemma is really running scared now. She admitted to Gertie that 'the death of her son's wife was her fault' and, of course, she is angry with Unser. They have been friends since their teens. Unser knows all of the truth as it relates to Gemma's part in JT's death and I believe that is her darkest nightmare and fear that Jax will learn that truth and also that she 'forked' Tara to death.

Amanda: She is scared to death that he is going to figure out the truth. Unser is one of the smartest characters on the show and an expert at mapping out character connections and motivations. He knew that Juice wouldn't try to kill Gemma and that she was telling him bullshit. He was also suspicious that Gemma didn't want to talk to the cops about Tara's murder. This isn't small time stuff, it was the death of someone they were close too! 

Christine:  Leigh, exactly! Unser has always had her back and she completely turned on him and told him to get his trailer off of her property. I don't think it's anger. I think she's terrified that he's going to figure it out because he is the one person who see her for who she is.

Any idea what Eglee has to say and why she will only tell it to Unser?

Leigh: She will probably say she saw Jax there. Maybe she'll say they weren't the shooters. I don't think Eglee really has a clue how much of the MC runs charming.

Patricia:  Eglee could well know more about Sheriff Jarry than we realize. If that's the case, her allegiance is to Wayne from his days as head of Charming PD. She knows it was not the MC who killed her partner. She may not have 100% trust in the new sheriff, and she may also be aware that Jarry is taking money from the MC. Jax said to Gemma, 'she's on our dime', correct?

Amanda: I hope that the poop really is hitting the fan for SAMCRO and they start to get pressure from all around them that threatens to shatter them. This is the last season after all and the stakes keep getting higher. I think Eglee remembers what she saw and she knows how dangerous that information is. 

Christine:  My guess is that she's known Unser longer than anyone connected with law enforcement and she's in such a vulnerable position in that hospital bed that she wants to talk to someone she knows she can trust. Hopefully she's making the right move sharing whatever she knows with Unser.

What was your favorite scene of the episode?

Leigh: Juice and Nero in the closet. "This is death row." Yeah it is Juice, yeah it is. 

Patricia:  My favorite scene in my mind's eye was actually two parts. I loved when Jax had the conversation about the Grim Bastards patching over to the Sons and the second part of that scene when they showed the dead members of Dulane's gang to the white supremacist. Bobby's comment 'they were black, but now they are dead' was priceless. Jackie Boy is definitely not living in 1956. The last scene when Jax walked toward the camera and it faded to the Reaper brought a very big expletive from me.

Amanda: My favorite story line has been how Gemma keeps building on this massive web of lies that she is telling to hide Tara's murder. It gets better with every episode! My favorite scene from this episode was when Jax and Juice made eye contact for the first time. Jax is truly a scary character these days. There was a look in his eyes of just I am going to kill you and I will enjoy it. 

Christine:  I'm with Leigh on this one. Juice and Nero in that closet on death row with the Mayans. At least Nero got a reprieve.

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