Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 Picture Preview: Love Is In The Air

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Ah, love. It makes you do the craziest things!

Carrie Cutter thinks she is in love with The Arrow, so she takes up the persona of Cupid and is anything BUT lovely. 

Meanwhile, Felicity is in love with Oliver, but is ogling Ray at the office as he does some pull ups (as you do). What is up with the shirtless men who run Queen Consolidated? Is it a prerequisite?

The work date between Ray and Felicity sure looks like it's going to another level, but we know photos can be deceiving. What's certain is Felicity looks absolutely stunning. Ray Palmer has great taste in companies, dresses and women!

There are no photos to indicate it, but Austin Butler will also make his first appearance as DJ Chase in Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 and immediately clashes with Thea. Clashing usually predates flirting, right?

Be back here on Wednesday for a full review of "Draw Back Your Bow" and remember, you can watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic in the meantime!

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Felicity: This dress? Costs more than my apartment.
Ray: Yeah. Couture, which I'm pretty sure is French for expensive. [Felicity handles the dress, smelling it and whining] So, dinner? Purely platonic.
Felicity: There is nothing platonic about couture.

Oh God. I have a type.