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On Arrow Season 3 Episode 7, we meet a serial killer who is obsessed with Oliver. She'll do anything to be with him.

Flashing back two months to the mirakuru mess. Oliver shot some soldiers setting Carrie Cutler free. Thus a stalker was born.

Isaac Stanzler was killed by Cupid and then staged his dead body to look exactly like Oliver. Capt. Lance says the arrow was shaped by a spade. Will missing the heart shape cost anyone?

Flashback to Hong Kong. The dude's wife is annoyed that Oliver does nothing around the house, including his own laundry.

Felicity walks in on Ray doing the salmon ladder. She realizes she has a type. He wants Felicity to go to dinner with him. He has purchased her a couture dress. I never imagined she would cave at couture, but that's what she does.

Queen Consolidated is no more. It's Palmer Technologies. Oliver takes to smashing the arrow that killed the victims with the red arrow. Inside is an address. It's lit in red and covered in memorabilia dedicated to The Arrow.

Roy is still grappling with his murderous capabilities.

Oliver wants Felicity to work around the clock on finding the arrow girl. She wants the night off to go to dinner with Ray. Do whatever you want, Oliver says.

Carrie Cutter was the first female SWAT team member.

Austin Butler makes his first appearance as an arrogant DJ at Verdant.

Roy was taken out by Cutter. That makes him unhappy. Oliver is letting the thing with 

Diggle goes to see Felicity, telling her Oliver is tied up in knots over this business with Ray. Foul play, dude.

Felicity shows up for dinner looking stunning. But that's not the end of it. Ray puts a $10 million diamond necklace around her neck.

Carrie is using her friend to locate Oliver. He tracks him to verdant. For his help, she stabs him in the neck with an arrow.

Capt. Lance discovers the dead body as one of Carrie's old CIs.

Oliver wants Felicity there. Diggle challenges him that it's really about Felicity being out with Ray. Oliver admits it is, but he just wants her to be happy after their decision. Diggle reminds him if that was true, he'd be with her.

Flashback to Hong Kong. Dude's wife is slashing some guy. I don't care.

Ray and Felicity arrive at dinner and he introduces her as Vice President of Palmer Technologies.

The DJ arrives at Verdant moments after Carrie Cutter. The music is terrible. He makes a deal with Thea to get people dancing for half the door and gigs 3 nights a week.

Felicity dealt with an emergency and then launches into a business discussion. It's amazing.

She's back at the Arrow Cave and hears Oliver's speech to Carrie about unrequited love. She gets him on the train tracks hoping to be with him for eternity. She saves her, which just sends the wrong message.

Back at the Arrow Cave, we discover she'll be a part of the Suicide Squad.

Diggle invites Oliver to dinner, but he turns him down. Diggle continues by telling Oliver he needs to tell Felicity how he feels before it's too late. 

Flashback to Hong Kong. I suppose the point of the flashback was to show that people can work and be happy.

Thea gives the DJ half the gate as agreed. He gives her a kiss. She can keep the money.

Felicity is back at Palmer. He helps her take the necklace off. After he tells her how wonderful she is, he kisses her. As he does so, Oliver walks by. Ray is upset he kept things platonic and leaves for the night.

Back at the Cave Oliver is tossing stuff around. He's not OK. Ray isn't OK either. They both go to Diggles. Dinner is about over, but they're still welcome. 

Ray needs the mine for the dwarf star alloy. That will allow him to create his ATOM suit.

Two dudes meet in an alley. One kills the other with his deadly boomerang.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Felicity: This dress? Costs more than my apartment.
Ray: Yeah. Couture, which I'm pretty sure is French for expensive. [Felicity handles the dress, smelling it and whining] So, dinner? Purely platonic.
Felicity: There is nothing platonic about couture.

Oh God. I have a type.