Bones Picture Preview: Is James Aubrey Hiding Something?

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This week, on Bones Season 10 Episode 7, the team will be investigating a hedge fund company and guest star Gil Bellows is one of the suspects.

It looks as though Booth and Brennan will be working together in the field a bit more than we've seen in the past few weeks (hooray!), but Booth will continue to work with Special Agent James Aubrey as well.

However, Booth has some concerns about Aubrey's participation in this particular case, and Aubrey doesn't seem happy about it. Is James Aubrey hiding something? And why would this particular case be of concern? That's anybody's guess. Regardless, we'll be continuing to get to know the new addition in this week's episode.

I think we'll see relationships develop a bit further this week as well, since James Aubrey will find himself confiding in Brennan this week.

Personally, I'm hoping for a bit of a lighthearted episode after Bones Season 10 Episode 6, which dealt with the horrors or human trafficking. If the episode title is any indication, "The Money Maker in the Merry-Go-Round" should be interesting to say the least.

Check out the above photos for a preview of what's to come!

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Bones Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Cam: Those all sound like names of super villains.
Hodgins: Nope. They are brand names for a structural insecticide.

Brennan: Well, I believe the expression is "bring it on over," Dr. Wells.
Wells: No. The expression is "bring it on." There's no over. But, okay.