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Gotham shook things up a bit on the final episode of 2014.

It established a friendship between Selina and Bruce, who went on the run after assassins made their way into Wayne Manor and tried to take out the one witness to the Wayne murders.

And it also made it clear just how much of a badass Alfred Pennyworth can be when his master's life is at stake.

But the crux of Gotham Season 1 Episode 10 was Jim Gordon and his attempt to bring down Dick Lovecraft.

After confronting Lovecraft in his apartment (because he figured the billionaire was behind the attempt on Selina's life), Gordon was knocked out by the aforementioned assassins.

They murdered Lovecraft, which greatly upset the corrupt mayor. He told the pubic Lovecraft committed suicide because a rogue police officer made him the target of an investigation and then he punished that rogue police officer.

So, where is James Gordon working now? Click on the video to watch Gotham online and find out.

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Gotham Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Am I the only one in this damn town who waits for backup?


Selina: Why Does Alfred matter so much to you? He's just your butler.
Bruce: He's my family.