Gotham Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Lovecraft

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If there’s one thing the Gotham fall finale solidified, it’s that Alfred is a badass butler.

And don’t call him a valet.

If anything, this iteration of Alfred shows that there can be a positive to changing up the Batman mythos.

I’ve really been entertained by this version of the famous Bruce Wayne guardian, a far more gruff, blunt, and imposing figure that’s as quick to give anyone a verbal lashing as he is a physical one.

To see him get into hand-to-hand combat with trained assassins and hold his own, to see him show just how good a shot he is, and to see how determined and resilient he was in finding Bruce made me really want more Alfred on Gotham.

Even in moments like handing over money for information, taking Butch to task or calmly getting Fish to help him, he clearly was the best thing about Gotham Season 1 Episode 10.

I just wish the rest of the hour was as awesome as any scene involving Alfred.

Because when it came down to it, this was more or less the adventures of Batkid and Catgirl (with a special guest appearance by the unnecessary Lil Poison Ivy). And that’s kind of been something I was hoping Gotham would avoid.

I’m perfectly OK with not centering on Batman (even if I think a show with an early years Batman could be entertaining), but if that’s the case, I’m far less interested in watching little Bruce and little Selina play street kids, fight poorly throw objects at assassins, or be the overall main focus of the hour.

Sure, I guess it can be fine every once in a while, but I’m far more interested in Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, or Oswald Cobblepot. At least, in this particular universe.

Though, I did like certain moments between Bruce and Selina such as the really cool visual leap across the rooftops or a bit of the banter that gives us that touch of insight into them as characters. And we did see that there is more than one room in the Wayne mansion!

I wasn’t surprised that Lovecraft wasn’t behind the assassination attempts or that with an episode titled after the character that we’d get to see him for a good portion of the episode. How many times has that happened before?

Frankly, he was so one and done, much like many of the characters that pop in on the show, that if the title wasn’t his name, I probably would have just remembered him as that other mob guy.

But I guess that’s better than a few of the other over-exaggerated characters that appeared (you know, like that “fence guy.” What was that?)

The whole Fish ordeal continued to drag out with Carmine at least showing more of a presence as to why he’s a feared leader. And even with Oswald on his team, he’s still perhaps a bit wary. I feel like both he and Fish might be done in by the end of Gotham Season 1, at least with the way things are progressing.

And I will say it was an interesting turn of events as to how the Mayor chose to handle Jim’s “screw up” with Lovecraft. Working at Arkham?

It certainly will put that aspect of the show more at the forefront, but lets hope that he’s not just there one episode or it proves to be an unsatisfying payoff.

But hey, maybe he’ll get a drink with Harvey Bullock sometime? I’m glad their relationship has remained relatively stable even with the two causing all the problems they have.

This was a decent enough fall finale, but its still got many of the problems of the campy dialogue or overly exaggerated characters that often clashes with the dark tone the show also wants to have. Of course, there are still aspects to like such as the awesome Alfred (more please), but when Gotham returns, it really needs to step things up because I’m not so sure it can sustain viewers and interest with “just OK” for the entire season.

What did you think of the fall finale? How awesome was Alfred? Sound of below and watch Gotham online to make sure to catch up on all the latest installments of the series.

Lovecraft Review

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