Once Upon a Time Round Table: Find Your Happy Ending

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Emma came close to giving up her powers, Mr. Gold hit a new low and Regina and Robin enjoyed a romantic high point on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 9.

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Allison Nichols and Robin Harry are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to discuss Hook's fate, the Outlaw Queen romance and their favorite scenes from "Smash the Mirror."

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Were you surprised that, until Regina convinced them otherwise, David and Mary Margaret were more than happy to allow Emma to give up her powers?

Gareth: As Regina pointed out, David and Mary Margaret haven’t got a great track record in decision making. I think they have always struggled with knowing how to be effective parents for Emma and just wanted to go along with whatever made Emma happy. I’m really glad Regina was able to make them see how magic was a part of Emma. I loved the scenes between Regina and Snow in this episode. Their relationship continues to be one of the highlights of the show. 

Stacy: Yes and no. It seemed like they really didn't want her to give up her powers but were trying to support whatever decision she made. I think they really struggled with what they should do, but I was surprised they didn't try harder to find Emma and talk it through. 

Allison: I was annoyed with them, just like I was annoyed with how Mary Margaret said "Emma!" after the malfunction that caused Emma to run away. It does not surprise me that they would allow Emma to make her own decisions, but the conversation that Elsa overheard about no powers being Emma's best shot at normal was ridiculous. Snow White and Prince Charming should be aware that nothing will ever make Emma normal, and she shouldn't be.

Robin: I'm with Allison, I was just irritated by them.  After all these two have been through, to talk themselves into a cop-out like that? Disappointing. 

Rumpel has Hook's heart. Is Hook truly doomed? Is there any way he can save himself?

Gareth: I’m hoping Emma will sense that something is off with Hook and work it out. She already seemed a little suspicious at the end of the episode. I’d be really surprised if they killed Hook off at this point. If Hook does die, maybe True Love’s Kiss will finally come into play and Emma will bring him back. 

Stacy: No he's not doomed. This is just another bump in the road for him and Emma, but she'll figure out what's going on eventually and find a way to stop it. I don't know if he can save himself without any help, but I'm sure his increasingly odd behavior will clue Emma in, though it will probably be awhile since she has her own problem with Ingrid to deal with now. 

Allison: You have to have faith in Captain Swan! The two of them will work it out. Either Hook will figure out a way to get a clue to Emma or Emma will notice something is off. Either way, I have hope that Hook isn't doomed. If we kill off another one of Emma's love interests, I swear. I mean worst case scenario, Emma and Hook share a heart like Mary Margaret and Charming currently are.

Robin: I don't think he can save himself, but he can be saved. I had a feeling that when Rumpel found out last week about what he needed, it would mean trouble for Killian. I hope he finds a way to tell Emma what's going on before it's too late.  I swear - if Hook dies and Rumpel lives...

The Apprentice told Ingrid she will find her happy ending? Was he telling the truth?

Gareth: I really hope so, she’s completely deranged but I would like to see the Snow Queen get a happy ending. I’m hoping she is reunited with her original sisters somehow. 

Stacy: I don't know. If she does get a happy ending it won't be the one she's expecting. Emma and Elsa are not about to abandon their families to become her sisters any time soon. Maybe if she redeems herself and returns Anna to Elsa they can find away to be a family, but for now she's still the villain and needs to be defeated. 

Allison: Well, define happy ending. Right now, Ingrid is looking good and she got what she always wanted - her new sisters wearing their ribbons. It won't last, but for right now, Ingrid's plan is working. I do think that her happy ending might turn out differently than she thinks.

Robin: She may find her happy ending, but she certainly won't get to keep it. Unless her happy ending is therapy. I mean, Ingrid's quite insane. 

Apparently there's nothing Rumpel won't do to free himself from the dagger. Is he redeemable?

Gareth:  Once I would have said yes, especially after he made the ultimate sacrifice when he stood up against Pan. Now I’m not so sure. I have more faith in Regina getting her happy ending than I do Rumpel. I think Rumpel’s final fate could be a tragic one. 

Stacy: At this point I'd have to say no. Regina was redeemed because of her love for Henry. There was a time I thought Rumpel's love for Belle and Neal would be enough to redeem him, but it's becoming pretty clear that it's not. He loves power and magic more than any person and as long as that's true, he'll always be evil. 

Allison: You have to admit, Rumpel is always honest to the people right before they follow through on their half of the deal. He flat out told Emma that he is always selfish, and that he thinks Belle is wrong in her opinion of him. I think there is hope for Rumpel, yes. I do agree with Gareth though, I have more faith in Regina getting her happy ending.

Robin: As much as I wish there was hope for him, at this point, I'd say no.  Rumpel had come so very far, only to fall back into old ways at the drop of a hat (pun intended). I feel Rumpel will die by the season's end (which would suck since Robert Carlyle's amazing). 

Regina and Robin spent the night together, even though he's still married to Marian. Thoughts?

Gareth: It did surprise me a little that they went in that direction with Robin and Regina, especially since they spent a lot of time building up Regina’s determination to have Robin do the honorable thing and stand by Marian. They are really playing the tortured, forbidden love aspect. I’m sure there will be many more roadblocks to come. I just hope that Robin is honest with Marian if and when she is brought out of her frozen state.

Stacy: Robin just needs to choose Regina and commit to it. He loves her and staying with Marian out of duty wouldn't be fair to her. They do need to break the curse though so Robin can talk to her and explain his feelings. Regina told Robin to focus his feelings on Marian if he wants to break that curse, but, here's my question, where is their son? Maybe I missed something somewhere, but why can't he kiss his mom and break the curse the same way Emma did with Henry? 

Allison: Yes, Stacy! That's my whole thing. A kiss between mother and son has broken a curse before, so why can't it do that now? It's not like Roland is feeling conflicted. Someone should have brought this up by now. I'm all for outlaw queen. Marian needs to wake up so Robin can have the talk with her, and then even more drama can ensue.

Robin: Not impressed. Robin is having his cake and eating it too, and it's not fair to Regina or to Marian. If you're "committed" to your vows, stay bloody well committed until you're not. 

Also, Allison & Stacy, I've been saying that from day Marian fell under the curse. How did everyone in the town suddenly forget that 2 curses have been broken by mother-child true love?

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Gareth: Hard to pick just one. This was by far my favorite episode this season. Some really great character moments, the story threads all seem to be coming together and there was a genuine sense of a threat with Mr Gold and the Snow Queen attempting to out manoeuvre each other. Gold is the ultimate villain this season, Robert Carlyle is clearly having fun with him. The show really works best when they explore the motivations and emotions within the core characters. The scene between Emma and Gold was fantastic. A brief moment of complete honesty and insight from Gold.

Stacy: I really enjoyed the two scenes in the dungeon with Elsa's ruse and later when Elsa and Anna were preparing to execute their plan with the urn. They were both really funny and sweet moments between the sisters. Anna especially made me laugh with her nervous banter about the guards, the mice, and how she'll say surprise!

Allison: Mary Margaret and Regina chatting while walking in the forest. It's the hands down winner. These two are great to watch, especially when they are being friendly. Plus, Mary Margaret gives Regina numerous examples how the two of them are more alike than you think. They have both done not so great things, like sleeping with a married man, and it worked out for Mary Margaret. All you need is a quarter, and Mary Margaret will send some hope your way.

Robin: I loved Hook's phone call to Emma from Gold's shop. He said that he hopes she never forgives him if it means she's alive to hear the message. I got a little choked up! 

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