Once Upon a Time: Watch Season 4 Episode 8 & 9 Online

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With her powers out of control, not even Henry can help Emma find her way back home so she runs to the one person she thinks can help. Mr. Gold. 

On Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 8, Emma decides the only way to ensure she won't hurt those she loves is to get rid of her powers. Mr. Gold obliges but he tells her it's a powerful spell and they must do it out of town. Little does she know he plans to put her and her powers into the Sorcerer's hat in the hopes of freeing himself from the dagger. 

When Hook tries to stop her, Mr. Gold reveals that he needs one more piece of the puzzle to be free of the dagger. He needs the heart of someone who knew him before he was the Dark One. He takes Hook's heart and plans to make him do his bidding before he finally kills him. 

Elsa convinces Emma that the only way to control her powers is to embrace them. Once Emma does just that she gains control but in doing so, the Snow Queen is able to magically put her ribbon bracelets on Elsa and Emma. The ribbons siphon their powers to the Snow Queen giving her the ability to cast her Shattered Sight spell on Storybrooke.

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