Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 23 Rewatch: The Wrath of Con

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Despite a small lapse in the middle of Gossip Girl season 2, the season managed to finish up strong.

Gabriel was a total loser and Poppy was a fake...but they brought the gang together in Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 23 for an epic takedown. 

Even Georgina was there!

Serena, Gabriel Pic

By this time, it's been established that Gabriel is a con artist. Poppy is faking like he wronged her too and left her. Bitch puh-lease! Serena knows she needs to lure him back and she doesn't want to get the cops or her mother involved. Too bad, Lily has some REALLY strong feelings about all of this.

This is an adult scandal.


Meanwhile Chuck heads back to New York City with Georgina fresh from Bible Camp. I mean thank goodness he had his flask with him on that long car ride. Blair took off with the limo to go discuss whether or not Nate bought the apartment because he didn't trust her. Georgina was apprehensive to head back to the big city but you know she was also just dying to see everyone.

Georgina: No thank you, the Lord cannot enter the body solely by alcohol.
Chuck: That's good, because I prefer to be the one doing the entering.
Georgina: To each his own holy water.

I loved seeing the crew together in Serena's room discussing the takedown when G walked in. Blair's very silent mode of panic was a bit hilarious. "Bass are you trying to have me killed?!" And then Georgina held up Serena's ringing phone asking if anyone knew a Gabriel.

Blair lured Georgina back to the dark side to take part in the scheme. After all, somebody needed to trap Poppy and it needed to be somebody she hadn't met. Blair just didn't realize that you can't lure a bad girl only partly back to the dark side and have everything be dandy. If she's going bad, she's going bad!

By the end of the episode, Georgina declared that it was time to tell Jesus the bitch was back.

The whole scheme ultimately resulted in Lily having Serena arrested to teach her a lesson which was quite literally an insane parental move. I absolutely did not blame Rufus for not proposing after finding out what Lily was pulling! Sucks for you Lily that Serena used her phone call for Cece, aka Lily's nightmare.

This all led to an attempt at a backdoor pilot about Lily's teenage years out in Cali. Personally I would've enjoyed it, but the CW didn't feel the same.

The important stuff about this episode was really everyone bonding. Everyone except Dan who was a total narc. Plus Chuck admitted that he loved Blair...to Serena. But he still admitted it! And last but not least, Blair told Nate she couldn't live with him because she realized it wasn't for the right reasons.

Blair do something with a conscience? Weird I know. 

The Wrath of Con Review

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Every time I try to move on, you're right there.


Just because he took all the money doesn't mean our feelings weren't real.