Mark Hamill to Reprise Former Role on The Flash

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Mark Hamill is headed (back) to The Flash.

The beloved Star Wars actor will reprise his role as James Jesse (aka the Trickster) on an upcoming episode of The CW smash. Hamill portrayed this character during the short-lived Flash series on CBS in the 1990s.

Hit Fix first reported this casting nugget.

Hamill on The Flash

John Wesley Shipp, of course, played the title character in that version of the show - and is now on board The Flash Season 1 as Barry Allen’s imprisoned father.

Look for Hamill to interact with Shipp, as this new interpretation of The Trickster will be an anarchist terrorist who is serving a life sentence and who works with Barry and Detective West to bring down a “wannabe Tricker,” according to the official character bio.

Hamill will appear on Episode 17, which will air some time in 2015.

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