New Girl Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Girl Fight

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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 10, Nadia is back and she is going to be a mom!

Winston needing quiet time to study is basically how I study too – lots of snowflakes and little studying being done. I was kind of rooting for Winston when he was investigating Nick's girlfriend, but we all knew the information he was collecting was going to be wrong.

It just baffles me someone who was at the top of his class can be so dense when it comes to the profession he wants to get into.

Can we please hear more about Coach's sister's? That flashback was hilarious! 

How great was Tran's granddaughter? I was a little nervous she was going to be incredibly unlikable and we would all be begging for Nick to get rid of her, but she is exactly like Nick – except she's rich. It turns out Nick is not dating a female Tran, but is actually dating himself – had he been successful; though we can already see that this relationship is not going to work out. Seriously, what was the deal with her paying him to stay with her? 

The fight between Jess and Cece was so petty BUT incredibly realistic. Sorry ladies, but we can be a petty bunch and it was easy to believe these two friends – who've been friends for 20 years – could get into such a ridiculous fight. Of course it came as no surprise they would make up with each other after an all out fist fight – kudos to the writers for getting it right. 

Was anyone surprised Schmidt put himself in the middle of the fight? Jess really should have just locked him up for the three days she needed so he could just stay out of it; though the emoticon fight between Cece and Jess is going down in New Girl history. At least Schmidt wasn't pining all over Cece!

Nadia was back and crazier than ever! I've really missed her and can honestly say I'm happy they haven't developed her into a better person. 

Tonight was your typical filler episode happening during the holiday season. Thankfully it wasn't completely hopeless; there were laughs and a touch of development in regards to Nick's relationship. 

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Girl Fight Review

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