Resurrection Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Aftermath

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 9 was a rare, strong outing for the show. It felt more like season finale than a winter finale. 

So... Tom Hale is dead. This seemed pretty damn obvious given the way Resurrection Season 2 Episode 8 concluded. He hasn't returned. Yet. It'd be quite a shock if he was really gone. 

The opening moments were really well done. We got to see poor Tom, happy with his child. Rachel was also present. It seemed like the perfect way to end it if he really is dead. He longed for the day he became a father. 

Tom's wife, Janine, continued to get more possessive of Rachel. Rachel is a very gullible character, so it was really refreshing to see she actually had a brain and knew something was off with Janine. Just before Rachel hit her over the head, I shouted at the TV as Rachel changed her behavior in order for Janine to loosen the leash. Either Janine wanted Rachel to like her so much she believed it, or she is a very stupid woman. 

I would do anything to keep you both safe.


We finally got to see Government Bitch again. Who knew she had a heart? In an effort to find a cure, both Maggie and Bellamy tracked down the facility and didn't get the warmest of welcomes. Government Bitch seemed keen to help. Her boss, not so much, and had her send them on their way back to Arcadia.

I think we have the cure. Everyone's gonna be ok.


We still have no clue what the government is really up to, but one thing is very clear now. The returned will no longer be helped by them. That evoked a lot of emotions, purely because they seemed intent on getting more information on the returned all season, only to suddenly stop. Something just seems off.

Maggie was understandably pissed off and gave Government Bitch an icey, cold stare that would make her grandmother proud. It was most shocking that, just as it seemed like the end of the line for Bellamy, Maggie found some of the medicine they so desperately required in the bag. 

Speaking of Margaret, it appears she has finally bid adieu to Arcadia. In a scene that had me speechless, Jacob went to her after the riot and decided that it was time for them to leave. The fact it happened off screen has me thinking they will still be in Arcadia when the series returns in the new year. The development was kind of anti-climactic because of this.

Before she left, Margaret continued being the master manipulator after Henry told her about his intention to go back into business with Adisson. She sought help from Fred, who seemed opposed to the idea of helping her. After some harsh words she shared with him, it appeared he changed his mind and got the check back for his brother, who wasn't amused. 

It all led to the anti-returned clan showing up at a vigil held for Tom in the town. Henry got pissed off and attempted to take matters into his own hands when his son was mentioned in the conversation, leading to him being hurt. 

"Aftermath" had some flaws, but not every installment is perfect. The character development was excellent and breathed some much-needed life into some of the storylines as we approach the probable series finale.

Other bits from the episode:

  • A lot of what Carl said made sense. How do we know Tom is really dead?
  • Maggie telling Bellamy they won't give up hope was nice. 
  • The guy that plays Joey is at risk of being typecast as a douche. He tormented Beth on The Walking Dead just a few weeks ago!

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What did you think of the episode? Where are Margaret and Jacob? Will the town be able to find peace? Hit the comments. 

Aftermath Review

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I think we have the cure. Everyone's gonna be ok.


I would do anything to keep you both safe.