Sleepy Hollow Round Table: Moloch's Army Rises

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There were several twists and turns on Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 11 , as the midseason finale featured the death of Moloch. Or did it?

Join TV Fanatics Whitney Evans, Jim Garner, Stacy Glanzman and Henry A. Otero as we discuss our favorite scene from the installment, whether Captain Irving and Moloch are truly gone and plenty more. Ready to jump into the debate?

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Share your favorite scene from the midseason finale.

Whitney: I really liked Irving, the badass swordsman. It was nice to have him back. But then my favorite scene turned into the worst scene ever when Irving died and I cried like a baby.

Jim: I'm with Whitney. Seeing Irving going all bad-ass swordsman and sending the horseman of war back to hell was pretty awesome. However, this is Sleepy Hollow, so I suspect death is not the end for Frank Irving, I think we will see him again.

Stacy: I agree with Whitney and Jim that it was awesome to see bad-ass Irving, but I think my favorite moment was actually when Ichabod stopped Abbie from running out to him after he died. It reminded me of Castle holding Beckett back when Montgomery died and it was a really heartbreaking moment.

Hank: My favorite scene was Moloch's army rising from the grave and our Scooby gang battling it out with them. Gotta love them zombies! Even Katrina kicked ass with her powerful spells, who knew? Irving vs. War was fantastic and I loved watching War end up a pile of molten lava.

Favorite Ichabodism?

Whitney: I really hope when the show comes back, the first shot is of Ichabod riding a motorcycle, his glorious hair blowing in the wind.

Jim: "I want one of these, when this is all over." I really hope that Ichabod gets himself a steel-horse when the show returns. As Whitney said, seeing him going down the road with his hair blowing in the wind would be pretty glorious.

Stacy: I have to go with Ichabod on the motorcycle as well. I loved his comment that there might be a stable near by.

Hank: "If ever there were justification to commandeer a vehicle; the apocalypse would be it." Like everyone else I loved the motorcycle stuff. Crane hopping off at the end and shouting "I want one of these" was just brilliant.

Did you expect the Sword of Methuselah required a sacrifice? How do you feel about losing Irving?

Whitney: It was an interesting twist and at first I thought they were setting it up for Jenny or even Hawley to use it. There's no way Abbie or Ichabod was using it and the writers aren't ready to give up on Katrina, so it seemed like they were going to let a recurring character take the fall. I didn't think Irving at first because he's been sidelined so much, I'd kind of forgotten about him. But then he comes in, slaying bad guys and making me excited, to then be killed. I really hope this isn't the last we see of him because Orlando Jones is amazing and he deserves better!

Jim: All magic comes with a price (I've watched enough Once Upon A Time to have learned that). Though I'm curious how Methuselah killed 1000 demons with the sword if it would have killed him after the first one. Beyond that, (as mentioned above) I don't think we've seen the last of Irving. Death seems to be very transitional in this world (i.e. Officer Andy Brooks).  

Stacy: I did, but that's because I read that before the episode aired. I'm really sad about losing Irving though not that surprised about it. If someone had to die he was a logical choice. I was trying to figure out why no one was helping him fight though. Ichabod was just standing there watching. I get that Irving had to be the one to deliver the final blow with the sword, but why couldn't Ichabod do something to fight or at least distract him? Shoot some arrows at him or something!

Hank: Like Stacy I was spoiled by an episode summary. I figured the fact Irving had signed his soul over to Henry would play a part in his wielding the sword. No one really dies on this show, so I'm sure Irving will be back. If he did die, we'll probably see him in purgatory and the gang will go on a mission to rescue him. The Midseason Finale better not be the end of Captain Irving. If the writers sidelined him only to kill him off I'll be pissed.

Crane and Captain Irving Battle War - Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 11

What will become of Henry now? Will he fight evil alongside his parents?

Whitney: To me, what Henry did was all about feeling betrayed by Moloch and less about actually feeling anything for his parents. I'm betting Henry will still be his old evil self when we return.

Jim: I suspect that Henry's quest for power is only going to grow. Sending Moloch back to the underworld was just taking out the competition, though I do think he will let his parents go, but I doubt they will be a big home coming.

Stacy: I've been saying all season I didn't think Henry could be redeemed, but if there was anything that he could do to at least take a step towards redemption, killing Moloch was it. However, I agree with Whitney and Jim that Henry is not going to all of a sudden decide to be good and join his parents now. We still have half a season and Henry makes a great "big bad."

Hank: I'm with Whitney, I think Henry killing Moloch was more about feeling betrayed than anything else. The guy is just evil, he's not going to suddenly switch sides and fight with his parents. I'm not sure his story arc is about redemption anymore, but rather about taking Moloch's throne. Like Jim said he just took out the competition.

Is Moloch truly gone or was he sent back to purgatory? If defeated, will another demon rise to take his place?

Whitney: I can't imagine he's gone forever but if so, I'm actually ready for Henry to make the full leap to bad guy. He's been bad all season, but people were always hoping he would be redeemed and this finale would have you believe there is still some humanity left inside him. However, I'd like him to go the opposite route and bring about the end of the world his way. I'd like to see Henry without Moloch pulling the strings.

Jim: I don't think he was totally defeated, I suspect that he will still be a threat to this world. But, I suspect that someone (or something) is going to rise and be a bigger threat fairly quickly. After all, power abhors a vacuum.

Stacy: I don't know if he's gone forever, but I'm with Whitney that I'm okay with it if he is. Ichabod and Katrina really believed that killing Moloch would save Henry, how will they handle it if it's not true and Henry is still evil? Ichabod said he would kill him if he had to, but now that Henry has killed Moloch and spared them (so far), will he still feel that way if Henry ends up being worse?

Hank: There just has to be a bigger and badder demon out there than Moloch. I'm hoping that's the last we'll see of this particular big bad and either Henry takes his place or Moloch's boss rises. It's probably too soon to bring Satan into play though so I'm guessing another demon is introduced in 2B.

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Abbie: A motorcycle, no electronics just good old fashioned machinery.
Ichabod: If ever there were justification to commandeer a vehicle; the apocalypse would be it.

Abraham: All magic has a cost.
Katrina: What are you saying?
Abraham: The sword requires a sacrifice. The life of anybody who wields it.
Abbie: You're lying
Abraham: The moment a man uses the sword to kill his soul and hence his life will be taken with it.