State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Bang, Bang

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With a bang on the glass, everything started to come crashing down for Charleston Tucker on State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 4.

If tonight's show was any indication, things are about to get much worse for Charlie. 

Where to start? My big critique of the show is they are trying to jam pack too many storylines into 42 minutes without really developing characters, but tonight I found the episode a little easier to follow. While there was still a lot packed in, the flow worked better and I'm getting more invested in characters.

I guess the logical place to start is with the bang. Two bangs, if I'm being correct, and a picture of a gun that Charlie and Nick both received by text message. I'm glad I didn't bet all my money on it being Aaron's gun Nick kept wrapped up, because I have a new theory now. The gun was not Aaron's, but instead it was the gun that killed Aaron. 

In the closing seconds, we learned that Senator Green was right about a big bombshell in the report on Aaron's death; Aaron was killed by a gun registered to the CIA. Thanks to Syd, we learn just who the gun belonged to – Nick Vera. 

It can't be that easy, though. I don't believe Nick killed Aaron. I don't even think he was there that night. So how did his gun end up killing Aaron? And who is this Kreeg group that purchased the photos from Dale? 

Speaking of those photos; what an intense scene in Dale's house, Nick is creepy. I mean creepy in a totally hot kind of way, but creepy nonetheless. He sure can stalk people. BUT, at least we learned he has a heart and can walk away. That poor little child. 

So who killed Aaron? 

As soon as we get an answer to a question, five new questions pop into my head. I keep going back to the first episode where Charlie is meeting with her therapist who tells her she is blocking out what really happened that day. We have seen little bits of that day come back to Charlie, and I'm a little scared for Charlie and what she might remember.

During State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 3 I wondered how long the "missions" would work out for Charlie's team, and tonight proved to be the end of their winning streak – for now. After an earthquake hit Panama, vials of small pox were detected after a fly by of the region picked it up. 

Jack Dawkins (who really gets around the world), was called to recover the vials, but wasn't aware anyone was in the hospital until his team arrived to extract the vials. He asked Charlie to let him come back with vaccines for those exposed in the hospital, but he ended up getting captured by the Panamanian government, being held as a spy. 

I don't think Charlie made the right choice sending Jack back in. She pointed out it wasn't her call to make, but she agreed to let Jack go back, and his capture is now on her. 

Jack Dawkins was there in Kabul, has a special connection to both Charleston and President Payton, and the President made it clear Charlie is to rescue him – whatever the cost. We didn't get a resolution to this storyline tonight, and I think it will really test Charlie. 

I'm starting to worry the relationship between Charlie and Constance is on a slippery slope. Up until now Constance fully trusted Charlie and believed in her. but how will POTUS react when she finds out about Charlie's relationship with Nick Vera?

Other quick thoughts:

  • Navaro warned Charlie to remember where her loyalties are. I think that scene will prove to be important in the coming episodes. Just who is Charleston Tucker loyal to? I'm starting to think it might not be POTUS. 
  • The sexual tension finally boiled over for Charlie & Nick and they had a pretty steamy make out session in Charlie's car. Darn kidnappers ruining it for all of us!
  • Dash made a comment that Charlie was "banging" in her dress for the State Dinner. Hmm...could he be the one targeting Charlie? (That's an absolute wild guess, but I found his word choice interesting!)
  • One storyline I'm interested in learning more about is Senator Green's. Just how did Constance help advance her career, and why did she turn on POTUS? Marshall sure had some strong words about her. There has to be more to that story!
  • Oh, and Alfre Woodard absolutely rocked that dress for the State Dinner.

Don't forget to watch State of Affairs online, and see if you can piece together any clues on which staff member is sending Charlie the texts. 

With Nick kidnapped and a leak that could gravely damage POTUS out there, what is next for Charleston Tucker? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let's keep the discussion going until next Monday.

Bang, Bang Review

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