Cristela Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Hypertension

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Fitness was the name of the game on Cristela Season 1 Episode 12. Daniela came on strong as she tried to get Cristela thinking about her appearance and how that might affect her future. 

Cristela and Daniela have a pretty great relationship for the most part. Sure, they have the occasional spat here and there, but their friendship and love for one another is one of the bright spots of the show. 

I think that's why I was so taken aback by Daniela's rudeness when it came to Cristela's looks. Daniela has never been shy about speaking her mind, even when her thoughts are shallow, but to come at Cristela and act as if she's an unattractive woman was pretty low. 

When Daniela asked Cristela to help Henry get in shape for his presidential fitness test, I didn't really think anything of it. And neither did Cristela.

Cristela: Come on, get up. You're the one that's supposed to be exercising for your presidential fitness test.
Henry: No, I'm not. I'm only here cause Mom wants you to get in shape.

When Cristela confronted her, I thought Daniela was coming from a good place. With high blood pressure running in their family, Daniela was genuinely concerned about Cristela's health and making sure she was going to be around for a long time. 

Their little heart-to-heart led Cristela to start exercising again and the results were hilarious. I think everyone knows what it feels like to be incredibly sore after working out, especially if you haven't worked out in awhile. Watching her slowly walk towards the elevator as Josh teased her was truly laugh out loud funny.

Man, I love me some Jostela.

Anyway, even with Cristela working out, Daniela still wanted Cristela to get her blood pressure taken. But the twist here was that Daniela's blood pressure was higher than Cristela's. 

This didn't seem to faze Daniela though, because she was still fixated on Cristela's looks and her need to find a man. 

How you going to find a man looking like that?

Daniela [to Cristela]

Ugh, I didn't like that statement one bit. Cristela is a very attractive woman and just because she isn't a size zero doesn't mean she has trouble in the guy department. When Daniela is coming from a place of genuine concern as it relates to health, then I understand. Coming from a shallow place, I just won't stand for it. 

When the two sisters finally got a chance to hash it out, it was interesting to see how different they really are. Clearly Daniela was made to be a mother and a wife, which is absolutely fine. She seems to be doing a good job with that. On the other hand, Cristela was born to be a lawyer and maybe the husband and kids will come someday. Or, maybe they won't.

Either way, it's okay. Hopefully Daniela can see that now.

The work plot had to do with Josh stealing a job away from Cristela and Maddie exacting some revenge on him. They haven't given Maddie much to do lately, but she made the most of her time tonight and it was pretty funny. 

Anything that makes Josh uncomfortable is going to be funny and their exaggerated CPR lesson was full of laughs. Plus, she taught him a lesson, so go Maddie!

Okay people, were you moved to genuine laughter? Were you turned off by the things Daniela was saying to Cristela? Did you like the work plot? Did you have a favorite scene?

Drop me a comment and watch Cristela online right now so you can laugh your butt off!

Hypertension Review

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Cristela: You know, you may be the only person between someone's life and death.
Josh: I can only hope. Imagine how good the word hero would look on my resume.

Josh: I can do it, sir. I know CPR.
Cristela: You do?
Josh: Oh yeah, yeah. I was studying to be a paramedic before I realized I'd rather chase the ambulance.