Marry Me Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Spoil Me

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that one shall not DVR-cheat on their significant other. 

However, both Jake and Annie couldn't bring themselves to come clean with each other in Marry Me Season 1 Episode 10.

Jake and Annie's fight over their favorite TV show highlighted a question all couples can relate to: Is it okay to lie to your loved one if it keeps everything copacetic?

Finale Frustration - Marry Me

For TV watching, yes. Let's keep it real here. The issue in this episode was not life or death. Still, the deeper message tonight was about trust in general in a relationship. 

Jake and Annie are getting ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Obviously they need to be sure there's enough trust between them.

Jake: So, good news. We are no longer at war over who watched "The Moors".
Gil: Oh thank God.
Annie: When I thought Jake watched it I was like, "Do I even know this man?"
Jake: And I was like, "Is this the monster that I've chosen to fill with babies?"
Annie: [laughing] Yes!

Even though there are way worse things your partner can lie about, there was some truth to their dilemma tonight. Whether you have a show with your significant other or a group of friends, it's hard to hold out without sneaking a viewing on your own. I've been guilty of this myself. 

TV watching is sacred for a lot of people, and the person you love watching your favorite show without you can sting!

My favorite aspect of the episode had to be bringing back Kevin 1 and Jake's bond. Even though it was Kevin 1 who was the true DVR watcher, his advice to Jake was very helpful. Sometimes it's better to lie if it makes the person you love happy. Love isn't perfect and there's no relationship in the world that's perfect either. 

Also, who hasn't wanted to smack the person sitting next to them who wouldn't shut up during a program?

Jake: Why do you do it?
Kevin 1: Kevin loves to ask questions while we're watching our show, and I love not beating him to death with a hammer because he interrupts every five seconds.

Turns out both Annie and Jake lied about watching "The Moors" without each other, but Jake made the right decision and kept that knowledge to himself and Kevin 1.

The lie detector test scene was ridiculous, but I couldn't help but laugh. The show is great when the two of them are bantering at a lightening-fast pace.

Clearly bringing in Gary as Dennah's boyfriend was so Jake and Annie could get ahold of a lie detector test. Still, Rob Riggle and Natasha Leggero were welcome additions to the episode. I did not see their characters being married coming at all. That was a gross little twist.

This B-storyline reminded me once again that Gil is much more pleasant to watch when he's not a main focus. His enthusiasm for going on the date was just enough. Watching Dennah get cocky because she was dating a cop was hilarious. More Dennah please.

Dennah: The other day, he [Gary] took me to the evidence room. Told me I could pick out anything I wanted.
Gil: So what'd you get?
Dennah: Really high.

Also, did we finally learn where Annie works? Yes folks, I believe we did. I had to get close to my TV to read the name on the wall, but it definitely said Janet L'Amour Designs. Now what kind of "designs"? Interior? Clothing? Stationary? Maybe we'll learn in another ten episodes. 

So over to you guys! Would you be upset if your significant other watched an episode without you? Should Jake have called out Annie for lying too? Can we all agree Dennah probably isn't the person you want teaching your children? Sound off below, and don't forget you can watch Marry Me online anytime via TVFanatic! 

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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Dennah: The other day, he [Gary] took me to the evidence room. Told me I could pick out anything I wanted.
Gil: So what'd you get?
Dennah: Really high.

I mean, it cannot be overstated how much a television program about social hierarchy and sexual atrocities in 19th century England has elevated our love.