Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 16 Review: Over a Barrel

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Move over Olivia Benson! Step aside AJ Cook! Spencer and Caleb are taking over as the hottest detectives on the block. 

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 16 led to a continuation of Spencer and Caleb picking up the Rosewood P.D.'s slack. 

Sorry Toby, you know it's true. Spencer carries around her own bolt cutters for crying out loud.

I've got some bolt cutters in my car. [Caleb stares] I like to be prepared.


Mona and her ghost phone activation led Spencer and Caleb to a storage locker search. After Caleb busted open a door with a shiv made from a soda can (why isn't he the next Jason Bourne already?) they were in for a great smelling surprise.

What appeared to be an evidence locker could have very well been A's new lair. Things were boxed up in a sanitary, pristine manner including bloody clothes, probably from the day Mona died. Then there was the Breaking Bad HAZMAT suit leading to the very odorous barrel; where Mona's body might have been, umm...being preserved.

I really hate the wedge that is being driven between Spencer and Toby. It makes me wonder what exactly Toby was thinking when he went into the police force. Has he forgotten that he was once on the A-team and Spencer lost her sh*t and went to Radley?

Toby's selective memory is putting Spoby in an awkward position. He should know the girl he fell in love with will never stop digging for answers. He should also know that she likes wool peacoats!

Well I love brick and ivy! And wool peacoats! I don't even wanna go to these schools, I just applied to them because they're far away from here.


Are the writers trying to push Spencer with this doofus who is living in her family's shed? And is Emily going to have a fling with Talia? Or is Talia crushing on Ezra. It's really hard to remember who is with who when we've got Jason Dilaurentis on the loose hooking up with mothers AND liars. 

Yeah dude, I saw that flirting at the Grill. Aria don't be so gullible. That boy will always be a suspect in my book. I wouldn't be so quick to share a theory with him, let alone a lunch. 

Poor Pastor Ted. Ashley needs to come clean for being a cheater. I am not happy about this one bit!

Wait are you mad that I bailed? Or that I walked in on your wild college weekend?

Hanna [to Ashley]

This latest installment was pretty frustrating, but then again so are most episodes of PLL. I just keep wracking my brain over Aria and Jason both "coincidentally" getting stood up. Then the flowers. Then Ashley. Who was behind it?

I leave you tonight with that question as I'm sure you have tons of your own! Hit the comments and refresh yourself on the episode when you watch Pretty Little Liars online!

Over a Barrel Review

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