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On Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 16, Spencer and Caleb continued to play detective as new clues rolled in. While Spencer was greeting her new tenant, she got an alert that Mona's phone was activated.

Naturally, she immediately went to Caleb and Hanna and Caleb traced the phone to a storage locker. Armed with the bolt cutters she just happens to keep in her car, Spencer and Caleb head over and find a way to break out.

What they find is equivalent to an evidence locker, complete with bloody clothes that are bagged. A little further back they find a HAZMAT suit and a foul smelling barrel that something is being preserved in. Could it be Mona's body? Only time will tell.

Toby gets angry when he finds out that Spencer and Caleb are still investigating. Meanwhile Spencer has gotten into a bunch of colleges, but none that she actually wants to attend. These are just the schools she applied to that were far away from Rosewood.

Aria's letter is still haunting her, but she doesn't have the guts to tell Ezra just yet. Emily tries to let go of Paige, with a little goading from her new coworker. 

Meanwhile Hanna tries to deal with her mom and Jason's hookup. Pastor Ted proposes to Ashley but she doesn't say yes right away.

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