Supernatural Round Table: Do You Believe Metatron?

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Dean is desperate to get rid of the Mark of Cain, but might Metatron have the clues to help?

In Supernatural Season 10 Episode 10, Sam and Dean attempted to gain that information despite the angel's taunts and teases. Oh, and there was also some stuff involving Crowley and Rowena and Castiel and Claire.

So join TV Fanatic staff writers Narsimha Chintaluri, Carla Day and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business' Alice Jester as they dive right in to discuss the first Supernatural of 2015!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Alice: It was a tie. There was Sam and Dean talking to Crowley in the rain, resulting in the most delicious mop of wet Sam hair. Also, Castiel using his angel mojo to blow apart the MOL dungeon door. Yeah, it’s pretty shallow of me, but I have to enjoy whatever little gems I’m given these days. 

Narsimha: My favorite scene was probably Castiel telling Dean that he'd text him - it was hilarious. Who knew he was a fan of emoticons?

Carla: Castiel blasting the door open with glowing eyes was awesome and certainly a highlight, but my favorite moment over that was when Dean overcame the Mark and swung the ax into the park bench. It was a turning point for Dean and showed that possibility that he could overcome it and live with it.

Sean: I really liked the interrogation scene with Dean and Metatron. Dean was fueled by this rage to start chopping away at Metatron, while Metatron was gleefully shouting out taunts and teases to helping him. It felt like such a Star Wars darkside moment.

Do you believe Metatron really knows how to get rid of the Mark?

Alice: Hell yes! He’s an evil little jerk though that will never, ever tell Sam and Dean, especially now. It’s going to take Chuck, I mean God, showing up himself and smacking the little twerp around for being such a disappointment. Of course if God shows up, who needs Metatron? As much as I enjoyed him in this episode, I hope they don’t keep going back to the Metatron solution. It’s no win and they should know that by now.

Narsimha: He's an awful person, but he is extremely knowledgable, so I do think he knows how to get rid of the Mark. However, Dean spiting him like this won't go over well - Metatron has all of eternity now to hold a grudge.

Carla: Maybe. Maybe not. At this point, it doesn't really matter. They won't go back to Metatron for help with it. Though, as mentioned by Alice, Dean could try to transfer the Mark to someone else. Wouldn't it be interesting if the the Mark was transferred to Metatron? He'd have to live with it or get rid of it...

Sean: I think so, and he is definitely the type to try and use that to his advantage. But who wouldn't when they are going to be locked up for eternity. I can only hope Sam and Dean figure out what they need rather than Metatron getting out to cause mayhem again.

Will Dean will be able to get rid of the Mark of Cain? If yes, how?

Alice: The only way I see it happening is if he finds a sucker like Cain did with him to take it on. Dean would probably never push that burden onto someone else though. He carries enough guilt as it is! I like the notion of him living with it, like Sam had to live with being infected with demon blood. It forces him to tame that inner monster that’s always gotten the better of him. Yes, he’ll struggle at times, but in the end I think he can learn to live with it. Sam and Castiel can always be there to help him, except when they realize he’s not in the other room like they thought and he’s gone off to kill. You know, those pieces of contrived plotting that the writers just love to fall back on when they’re totally out of ideas.

Narsimha: If not get rid of it, he'll at least learn to live with it just like Cain did. Someone has to bear the mark right? Or does it just cease to exist after Dean gets rid of it?

Carla: There are ways to get rid of the Mark, but I suspect he will learn to live with it. I'd love to see him find a way to channel that energy and power and turn it into something that helps he battle evil rather than become evil.

Sean: I really feel like going back to Cain might help Dean with his Mark. Maybe he can give it back? While I did appreciate the conversation about Dean trying to control it, I do hope that he does find a way to eventually get rid of it.

Can Rowena ever prove herself to be a worthy big bad?

Alice: Oh, I hope not. I’m hoping that Crowley skewers her next episode and she goes into fast and dead obscurity like Mother of All. Shouldn’t they be explaining why she is even there? Why did she suddenly turn up now? That’s been the frustration with a lot of these arcs though, no one seems to be very interested in building any kind of plot with them. The pacing is painfully slow and it makes characters like Rowena that much more annoying. I don’t see her working out as the big bad at all. 

Narsimha: I'm with Alice - I'm not a Rowena fan, and I especially don't like how she's messing with Crowley. Although Crowley is technically a villain, I sure as hell like him better than that old witch (no puns intended). I hope she doesn't pull the wool of Crowley's eyes for too long. But if anyone was going to get one over on him, it would be his own, conniving, mother.

Carla: I don't like Rowena or really understand the point of introducing her. So far she's a big fail for me. I hope she ends up serving the story in an entertaining manner, but so far, she's just annoying.

Sean: I don't think so. She's far too campy and over the top, and it kills me to see such a great character like Crowley seem likes he's fooled by her lies. I can only hope there's something else about to happen, especially so we can get out of the dungeon drama. Crowley will definitely end her, but I'm still not sure when.

What's Castiel going to do now that Claire is gone?

Alice: Live his freaking life! Besides the fact that I have a huge issue with an angel letting a girl who seems to be attracted to reprehensible human beings and finding trouble in a heartbeat venture out on her own when she was actually safe in a group home, Claire was annoying and the faster she can get out of the story and Castiel’s life the better. So what can Castiel do now? How about go to Heaven and be the freaking warrior angel he’s supposed to be? Heck, even Heaven needs some sort of activities director. Maybe he can teach them all to crochet or something. Anything other than moping around the earth and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Narsimha: The Claire story seems so pointless now - I understand that Castiel tried to repent for his past actions and try to make things right with the daughter of the man's life he stole... but Claire's already here and gone. Nothing was accomplished with this arc, and, as for what Castiel should do next, I haven't the faintest idea. He can help find a way to get rid of the Mark I guess - but he was quick to take Metatron back to Heaven after Dean's mishap, so I don't know which side he's really on. Wouldn't a normal Castiel be more concerned about saving Dean's life?

Carla: Continue on? Claire humanized Castiel even more than he had been, but she doesn't want to be with him and he can't really take her in. While I don't think we'll see it on screen, I believe he will look out for her and make sure she's OK.

Sean: I'm so glad Castiel is done with Claire. I understood what the writers wanted the story to do for Castiel but it just didn't mesh, especially when put with all the Sam and Dean drama. I really like Castiel but it feels like there isn't a direction for his character to go right now. Just no more babysitting at least.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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