Supernatural Season 10 Episode 10 Picture Preview: Friend or Foe?

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Looks like one of Sam and Dean's foes is coming back to Supernatural Season 10.

Perhaps Metatron might be the one to help the elder Winchester brother get rid of the Mark of Cain?

In these preview photos from Supernatural Season 10 Episode 10, Sam and Dean are definitely taking charge with Metatron all tied up. But just what is Castiel going to do?

If you missed anything leading up to this entire mess, you can always watch Supernatural online via TV Fanatic. You're welcome!

And if that's not good enough, we have a clip of the upcoming installment to tide you over. Dean admits to Sam and Castiel that his attack in Supernatural Season 10 Episode 9 was a massacre and that the Mark of Cain has got to go. But it seems Castiel may have just the answer to help him out...

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