The Flash Round Table: Did Captain Cold and Heat Wave Make a Splash?

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We're psyched and ready with the round table for The Flash Season 1 Episode 10, featuring a look at Captain Cold and Heat Wave, what made us chuckle, outing The Flash and the ever enigmatic Harrison Wells.

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Hank Otero, Narsimha Chintaluri, Tanya Moat and Carissa Pavlica as they tackle the tough topics and then weigh in with a comment of your own.

The Flash RT - depreciated -

What did you think about the amazing duo of Captain Cold and Heat Wave on screen together?

Jim: Felt like I was watching "Prison Break: Central City." That being said, both did a good job. Heat Wave was a hot head and Captain Cold was cool as ice. What I am curious about is Captain Cold's sister, Golden Glider. Can't wait to see what updates they've done with her.

Hank: I never watched Prison Break, so this was the first time I saw these two actors together. I enjoyed the two Rogues bickering, it made for a fun episode. That said, I did find the one liners came across a bit too cartoony for my taste. I guess Wentworth Miller was just hamming it up too much and I prefer his performance in The Flash Season 1 Episode 4. Still, I'm excited to see Lisa Snart make her Flash debut.

Narsimha: Miller's over the top acting, coupled with his long-time onscreen partner Dominic Purcell's cartoonish anger, made a few scenes way too corny – but a majority of their interaction was great. The threat of them as two villains wrecking havoc for the sake of it is much more interesting than the actors themselves, to be honest. Although the novelty of having both of those men back on the screen together was great.

Tanya: I thought they were a lot of fun together. I didn't watch Prison Break either, but they played off each other well. They did come across a bit cartoonish, but most comic book villains do. They were just skimming the line of over-the-top, but didn't cross it for me. I am definitely interested in the havoc they want to create in Central City because what motivates them is very different from the Metas.

Carissa: The Flash is light and therefore over-the-top performances fit in just fine. Whereas I cringed when Seth Gabel took to Arrow as Vertigo, Miller and Purcell fit their performances as Captain Cold and Heat Wave just fine. They were funny and still slightly menacing. I loved when Mick told Cold he was very persuasive and then torched the "finger painting."

If Barry hadn't moved in the exact split second to grab the missile during Reverse Flash training, what would Wells have done?

Jim: Zipped over and saved him without anyone being the wiser. I'm guessing that little movement is some foreshadowing of the cat being out of the bag that Wells can walk.

Hank: I'm with Jim, I think Wells would probably have stepped in and no one would have been the wiser. He's such an interesting character.

Narsimha: I was actually wondering myself why he looked like he was getting up – considering that when the super-villain attacked the labs he did nothing to really help except motivate Barry. But now that Jim and Hank have made things a bit more clear, and keeping in mind that Wells is most likely Reverse Flash, he could've stepped in to save Barry. Makes the scene a lot more intense when you think about it that way.

Tanya: He would have definitely saved Barry and that is what makes Wells so fascinating. On one hand, he killed Barry's mother and would save Barry's life right now, if needed. What does he need Barry so badly for? I don't believe it's the old trope of a bored villain who needs his superhero foe to give his life purpose. Kudos to Tom Cavanaugh who does an excellent job of portraying Wells.

Carissa: I didn't even think about the "none the wiser" part, because Barry would know someone stepped in and that would have been a completely different can of worms. If something does propel Wells out of that chair to save Barry, it will be a spectacular move on the part of the series. I want.

What moment made you chuckle enough to rewind and watch it again?

Jim: I love watching Barry and Joe together, especially when Barry pointed out the beer did nothing for him and Joe just told him to shutup and drink it.

Hank: Anytime "crossing the streams" was mentioned, haha, I'm such a child. Seriously, I loved the Ghostbusters reference. Yeah that made me smile.

Narsimha: I thought the very last scene, with Barry moving in and sharing a beer with Joe, was great as well.

Tanya: I enjoyed Barry moving in with Joe at the end too, but my favorite moment was when Joe got Barry to clean up Iris' mess because they both knew she wouldn't clean it up later. I wish The Flash could spare a few seconds to come to my house every week and clean it. I guess if the superhero gig doesn't work out, he would definitely make a great mover and cleaning person. I also enjoyed Wells approving of the name Reverse Flash too.

Carissa: I didn't even think of Wells' approval of Reverse Flash, Tanya. Good catch! There were so many funny moments, but I did enjoy when Wells said they had to catch Cold, and yes, he did hear what he just said Cisco... There are so many clever and fun lines at play in these DC worlds.

Now that The Flash is out, how will it change the way Barry and The Flash interact with Central City?

Jim: I would hope it wouldn't change Barry's interactions with the city, but I do suspect we will see more of the Cocky-fun-loving Flash now that he doesn't have to keep his presence a secret.

Hank: The Flash is known for working _with_ the police, so now Barry can truly take on the role of Central City's guardian angel. He doesn't have to hide in the shadows like the Arrow or Batman, which is one of the things fans love about the character. The Flash embraces being a superhero, things are going to get interesting now.

Narsimha: Well going off what Hank said, Barry actually is a superhero when compared to the Arrow or Batman. So I hope he becomes a Spiderman-type celebrity around the city. But, sooner or later, his identity is going to start causing some serious damage.

Tanya: Initially, they will probably be in some sort of honeymoon phase where they like them. He'll become a celebrity, rather than a vigilante like Arrow or Batman. But public opinion is fickle, and one screw-up could turn them against him. It will be interesting to see how Barry handles his fame. I am very glad though that The Flash is out. It's about time!

Carissa: Initially, the talk in the precinct was he was a hero, so it will be interesting to see what happens when he's not around for something. People start to think someone can be all places at all time, get a false sense of security and then blame the good guy for not being there when you need them. Just look at the police! It's not easy being tasked with the safety of others.

Overall, we're seeing a very well rounded Flashverse building up with what appear to be longer lasting villains to mimic the feel of the comics. What are your thoughts on what's coming next and what do you hope to see that you haven't heard about as of yet?

Jim: I like where thing are at and the pace they are moving at. It feels fairly comic like to me. That being said, I hope we get to see more of the members of the Justice League other than just Green Arrow.

Hank: The Flash has felt like a true comic book adaptation since day one for me. The writers kept the cheese to a minimum (until this week). That's one of the reasons I dropped Gotham, I couldn't take any of the characters seriously. The Flash is fantasy, sure, but its managed to stay fairly grounded in reality and science... considering the wacky premise I mean. I've loved watching The Rogues come together, bring on more of 'em! As far as what I hope to see, I'm hoping the story tackles time travel before the end of the season. Things will get really insane once that happens.

Narsimha: Well I don't fully agree with Hank here – I think the writers kind of embraced the over the top nature of being a true comic book adaptation from the start. I don't think this episode was the first time they truly got "cheesy," haha. With that being said, I also like what they're doing so far. Also, I don't know about others, but I'm always a huge fan of combining the Flash and Arrow-verses. Usually makes things that much more exciting.

Tanya: I have been incredibly impressed with The Flash. They have done an excellent job overall for a new show and managed to deftly blend heart, humor and action. I admit to not being overly familiar with the Flashverse canon but I am very excited to see Firestorm again, time-travel and Wells unmasked as the Reverse Flash.

Carissa: Evolving the world and allowing it to grow, keeping characters for longer arcs and giving us a feeling of what to expect in the future, or at least who to expect, helps me connect with the show on a more basic level. When too many characters roll in and are one and done, it tends to feel procedural and I lose interest. I'm invested and I hope others are, as well.

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