The Flash: Watch Season 1 Episode 11 Online

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On The Flash Season 1 Episode 11 Iris gets a call out of the blue with a job offer – for a cub reporter at the Central City Picture News! It turns out there are some strings attached. Can she prove she's worthy of the position?

Cisco hoped he'd never have to see the face of Hartley Rathaway again, but when Harrison's former protege returns to pile on a healthy helping of vengeance onto his former mentor, we learn a little bit about how Cisco joined STAR Labs.

What secret is Hartley holding that he intends to use against Harrison and is it as bad as he makes it sound? 

Both Iris and Barry discover what it's like when those you admire don't live up to your expectations and have a genuinely beautiful conversation about it. 

You know what? Don't just stand there reading this, click below and watch The Flash online to find out all about it!

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Cisco: Yo. This place is so dope.
Hartley: What a coincidence. We were thinking of making 'Yo this place is so dope" our new slogan.

I'm pretty sure rule number one of having a secret identity is not taking pictures of yourself in your super-suit without a mask on.