The Flash Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Sound and the Fury

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The Pied Piper wasn't all that much to write home about, but as a device to delve deeper into the increasingly enigmatic Harrison Wells he was a perfect addition. He had some great one liners, too.

While The Flash team was dealing with the antics of Hartley Rathaway, Iris was using her gumption at Central City Picture News to try to get on the good side of Pulitizer Prize winning journalist Mason Bridges.

We were treated to a fair amount of character development in The Flash Season 1 Episode 11 so let's take a look.

Since Iris got her news at the start of the hour, we'll celebrate her new career first. Even the biggest victories can sometimes come sprinkled with vinegar and that's something she was forced to deal with when she realized it wasn't going to be easy to get over her ties to The Flash.

Iris' blog landed her the job offer, but once she was there, the excitement of her surroundings brought out a lot more in her than just continuing her blog at the Central City Picture News. Mason didn't think much of her at all, and wasn't shy about it.

Iris: Look, I'm not stupid. I know that Larkin hired me because he thinks I have some sort of 'in' with The Flash. But I am serious about being a journalist.
Mason: Why? Because you write a blog? My mother writes a blog.
Iris: I may not have a lot of experience, but I do have...
Mason: Spunk! Grit! Gumption! What is this, a chick lit novel?

It made me laugh only because just minutes before I used the term ballsy for her myself, when in her first staff meeting she was pitching a story. Yes, Mason, having a little gumption is a good thing. Proving it later at the press conference also showed she had a lot of class, something Mason might like to think about.

Harrison picking Iris out of the crowd was a cool gesture, and she needed it. Hopefully she'll come to see connections, even with The Flash, as a benefit in the world of journalism. With everyone using his name, I started wondering if she might hold it against Barry if she learned right then he was The Flash or if she'd want to use it to her advantage. It would be a difficult decision – stand on your own or work with what you know. It will be exciting to see what her first non-Flash related story will be.

Barry: People we admire aren't always who we want them to be.
Iris: Well said.

The conversation Iris and Barry shared after they both learned something unsettling about their personal "heroes," if you will, was the most natural the two have shared since the series began. Barry isn't looking at Iris like a lost puppy any longer and their friendship finally feels genuine. Now it's time to wonder how long until she starts to put his increasingly speedy disappearances together with appearances of The Flash!

When Hartley announced he had a secret about Harrison, it never came to mind it would be knowledge about the particle accelerator data, but it certainly made sense. What an arrogant ass Hartley was, although his ability to spit out nasty quips was a good time.

Cisco: Yo. This place is so dope.
Hartley: What a coincidence. We were thinking of making 'Yo this place is so dope" our new slogan.

The hour was a fascinating study of Harrison. Watching him with Hartley two years previous proves he has always been missing a little something (if we ever figure that out...) and he was a man on a mission. Hartley got in his way with his data and paid a hefty price professionally and then personally when it exploded. Of course he wanted revenge.

Harrison walking around his stupendous home with all those windows seemed like he was just begging to be seen. He must have somewhat of a fortress surrounding him. He's losing his speed, so the tachyon product is causing problems. It's interesting because whatever happens sends him crashing to the floor and his legs even vibrate. It seems like he may almost need the wheelchair for rest after using the device. Or not. Speculation.

Harrison: Do you know why I hired you, Cisco?
Cisco: You said you saw something in me, I know.
Harrison: What I saw was humanity. You and Hartley, Cisco, you're both brilliant. You both have mental [snaps fingers] sparks, but his brilliance subtracted from the experience of working here, whereas your brilliance, your heart, warmth, your humor; it just adds to it. There's no chosen one, Cisco. There's no second or third favorite. There never was. There's just us.

When he shared that information with Cisco and then later gave that moving little speech about not liking to admit he's wrong, especially to his closest friends and hoping he'd earn their trust again, yada, yada, I was falling for him again. I almost teared up when Barry offered him his hand and said today was the day they regained trust and then Barry walked away. Did you see the look in Harrison's eyes?!

Is Harrison Wells a bad guy with good intentions, a good guy with bad intentions or so utterly in the middle he even confuses himself sometimes?

Oh my goodness. That man is a marvel. Tom Cavanaugh is seriously wicked with the emotions and can turn on a dime. It's amazing the life he breathes into the character and how he's keeping all of us on our toes. What is the next step he's waiting for that will solve his tachyon problem? Time travel?

At the end of the hour I was shaking my head and smirking at his brilliant performance. Of course he has nothing in his house, but Joe's going to keep looking. He's going to look out for his boy. The Flash gets better and better.

If you've missed any of the action, you can watch The Flash online right here via TV Fanatic.

The Sound and the Fury Review

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Cisco: Yo. This place is so dope.
Hartley: What a coincidence. We were thinking of making 'Yo this place is so dope" our new slogan.

I'm pretty sure rule number one of having a secret identity is not taking pictures of yourself in your super-suit without a mask on.