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The Flash opens with a very cool scene while The Flash streaks through town to stop some motorcyclists leading the police to them. When he gets back to STAR Labs, Cisco wants to document the moment, and Harrison thinks maybe people will want to know how all of this happened someday, so they all get together for a selfie that Barry takes from across the room.

Barry thanks Harrison for the help and says he's pretty good at being a hero. 

Iris is at home getting some stuff she forget. She won't stay for dinner, but gets excited when Joe tells her about a message from Central City Picture News. She listens and learns she was offered a job!

Harrison has a kick ass pad. One in which he walks around free of the wheelchair. Someone calls with a "I know what you did last summer" type of message. It's time to pay the piper. Those windows are going to be hard to fix.

Joe and Barry arrive at Harrison's place, Caitlin and Cisco shortly behind. Nobody has ever been to his house before. 

Flashback to Harrison playing chess with Hartley two years earlier when Cisco Ramon joined STAR Labs. Cisco is to work under Hartley, and Hartley is an arrogant ass. 

Cisco and Hartley don't get on well at all. 

It's Iris' first day as cub reporter. Mason Bridge is not happy learning he'll be "babysitting" Iris. Iris pitches a story on her first day (ballsy) about domestic abuse, but the editor is more interested in The Flash.

Barry and Joe chat about Harrison, and Joe suggests Barry doesn't know him as well as he thinks. Suddenly they get a call. Rathaway Industries is under attack. It's not a surprise to see Hartley there. He can hear The Flash team through Barry's earpiece. They have a scuffle and Hartley says he knows who Harrison really is.

Hartley is caught and put in one of the cells. He can't stop antagonizing even for a second.

Harrison is sorry for any anguish Hartley went through because of him. Hartley looks up at the camera, telling Barry one day Harrison will let him down in ways that will make him wish he was dead.

Harrison says Hartley told him the data on the night of the explosion showed there was a risk, but he decided the reward outweighed the risk. Needless to say, everyone is slightly upset.

Iris and Mason have words. After her work day, she needs to vent, but when she meets Barry afterward, he doesn't look any better. They have the best chat they've ever had.

Hartley escapes and Wells takes off after him in a flash. Halfway down the corridor, his legs begin to tremble and he says, "not now" as he becomes incapable of walking.

As Hartley takes something out of his ears, he causes an explosion injuring Cisco and walks into the control center STAR Labs where he punches Caitlin in the face.

Harrison calls Barry and when Iris turns around, he's gone. At STAR Labs Hartley is gone and Harrison is back in his chair. 

Flashback: Hartley tells Harrison about the potential problems with the particle accelerator and Harrison has him fired and escorted out. He threatens him should he ever breathe a word of what he knows.

Present day, Iris and Mason are at a press conference Harrison is holding, and he's admitting the truth about being warned by Hartley. Hartley is doing something with STAR Labs files. Questions? Mason steps up and asks if he has any intention of ever rebuilding, but Harrison picks Iris out, instead. Intent on earning Mason's respect, she notes Harrison didn't answer her colleague's question and repeats it. Mason is impressed with her 'gumption.'

Harrison and Cisco have a lovely conversation before Hartley pops in with a chess move. He wants The Flash. They can't locate Hartley, but it seems as if someone would have called 911 already. Hmmmm... plot mistake.

Harrison tells Barry to disarm Hartley immediately because his endgame is never known until the last second. Meanwhile, Cisco discovers what he stole from STAR Labs. Harrison uses satellite radio to take down Hartley's weapons and Hartley.

Harrison hopes someday he can have the trust and faith of his closest friends again. Barry said today was that day. Just when it seems like he's narrowing in on being a good guy again, the look on his face as Barry walks away is so bizarre.

Joe, meanwhile, checks in with Eddie. They're looking into Harrison.

Hartley's next move? He tells Cisco he knows where Ronnie Raymond is and how to save him.

Meanwhile, Harrison is in with Gideon wearing a piece of mech on his chest. Gideon doesn't recommend continued tachyon exposure. He cannot hold onto his speed. It's alright he says, it was only a temporary fix. The real end game is almost here.

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Cisco: Yo. This place is so dope.
Hartley: What a coincidence. We were thinking of making 'Yo this place is so dope" our new slogan.

I'm pretty sure rule number one of having a secret identity is not taking pictures of yourself in your super-suit without a mask on.