Episodes Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Quadruple Bypass

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 6 focuses almost solely on Matt's turbulent history with his father and step-mom, and is somewhat of a bore because of that. Neither party is really endearing, and it's more fun laughing at them than trying to sympathize with their woes. 

Regardless, it's an entertaining and somewhat insightful half-hour centered around the man who was, at least partly, responsible for the Matt LeBlanc we have the pleasure of witnessing today. 

Day At the Hospital - Episodes

With an anti-hero like Matt (and, let's face it, he kind of is an anti-hero for this comedy), an origin story is always important and interesting. We've gotten glimpses at Matt's childhood and upbringing in the past, but tonight's episode drove home the notion of a broken home even more. From the consistent berating to the premature exposure to so many of the more dirty moments of life, Matt has definitely had a lot to deal with throughout his life.

Maybe he's dealt with it the best as he could have but, when he's reminiscing so off-handedly about having sex with his father's 17-year-old Korean girlfriend when he was 14 himself – only to be stabbed via chopstick in the end by his father – you don't really know how to feel about the situation. You want to emphasize with Matt – especially when he gives up his prized possessions for the sake of his father, only for his sacrifices to be ignored – but, as I mentioned, neither party is really worth siding with. 

Matt: But she's so tight, it's like getting one of the Garfield things off your car window --
Sean: Vivid.

Perhaps, for no other reason than being the protagonists of this show, Sean and Beverly are left waiting around the hospital with their friend for the entire episode, serving as third-party mediators half of the time. It's obvious that Sean and Beverly will never understand how Matt's family functions.

Carol was also present throughout the half-hour, but was lost in her own drama. As it's been consistently shown, her relationship with Helen is moving at a breakneck "lesbian speed." Carol is barley hanging on, but she clearly prefers this to being used by men such as Merc. After spending an entire episode trying to come up with a pet name for Helen, I can't believe she stumbled upon one as disturbing as "pubey."

Carol: I kind of have an emergency.
Beverly: Okay --
Carol: I need a pet name for Helen.
Beverly: Right, I think I heard about this on CNN.

Carol needs to make a decision regarding what she currently has taking up her plate – whether or not she wants to be all in with Helen. I think she should go for it but, either way, she's going to have to come to a decision soon.

Nothing here really progressed the overarching story in anyway and, at this point, I'm found wishing Matt would find a way to deal with his financial problems or learn to live down here with the rest of us. 

Outside of all this, Sean and Beverly now have a new show of which they need to take full control. They need to be able to leave the disaster that is "Pucks" far behind in their rearview mirror and hopefully find a way out of Hollywood as a whole. Lets see what they can do on BBC, eh? 

Watch Episodes online to catch any of your favorite moments for second time, and head over to Episodes quotes to catch more highlights from Matt's showdown with his family. His dad and mom sure knew how to get him riled up but, in the end, Matt never really wants any harm to befall his own blood (which is why Mrs. LeBlanc's future's up in air!).

Episode Six Review

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I’ve got my sister’s wedding, and that’s a whole other nightmare. She’s in a chair, so there’s figuring out the ramps.


Carol: But I’d rather have that than some guy who doesn't even invite me to his son’s bar mitzvah, but wants me to blow him in his wife’s wedding dress.
Beverly: Merc?
Carol: Yeah.
Beverly: And were you in the dress or was he in the dress --
Carol: I’m in the wedding dress.
Beverly: Oh, I wasn’t clear.