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Beverly and Carol go for their normal hike after many days apart. Carol seems to be into Helen as much as ever, and Beverly comments on how they are always together. In just two weeks, Helen has already bought Carol a matching ankle bracelet. 

Carol says she'd prefer being close to Helen than taken advantage of by Merc. 

Carol takes a call from Helen and doesn't get off the call for ages.

Morning approaches Beverly and Sean about their "amazing new show," and seems to be looking for a part in the cast. Sean tells her that she wouldn't fit in, but her passive aggressiveness is stinging. 

Matt talks to his financial advisor, and is told to finally get rid of his plane. He gets a call from his mother about his father having a heart condition, and Sean accidently gets him and Beverly involved in the trip to the hospital. 

Matt's mom thinks things are worse than they are, while Matt thinks his dad looks fine. 

Matt's mom says her husband collapsed into his breakfast. 

Matt pulls some strings to get his parents a better room, and receives no thanks. Instead he needs to get more pictures of the "Friends" cast signed for the nurses and doctors helping them out. 

Matt's mom reveals to him that Matt's financial situation is what has been causing him pain. 

The doctor reveals that Matt's father needs quadruple bypass surgery. 

Mrs. LeBlanc thinks that Matt needs to take care of her in case his father passes away. Matt claims that he doesn't have to do anything because she's not his real mother. 

Sean bites the bullet and calls to have a painful conversation with his dad about a good surgeon for Matt's father. 

Beverly talks to Carol about Matt's father's situation. Carol reveals that Helen calls her "scrunchy" as a pet name, and asks for help coming up with one for her in return. 

Matt promises to not sell the condo, but his dad doesn't believe him.

Carol comes up with the worst pet name ever for Helen. 

Matt tells Sean a horrific story about him having sex with his dad's 17 year old Korean girlfriend when he was 14. He describes how angry his father was when he found them having intercourse, and how his own father stabbed his arm with a chopstick. Matt remembers how he once wanted his father to die -- and regrets  that decision. 

When faced with having to sell his car collection or his dad's condo, Matt finally decides to go with selling the cars and keeping his father's home. 

His dad tires to convince Matt to buy him a car as a gift for having a good surgery. 

They can't go more than a second without inducing high stress level arguments and yelling curses at each other. 

They end the episode coming to a stalemate of repetitive "fuck you's" being tossed at each other.

Sean and Beverly, who don't know why they're still in the hospital, try to get everyone to calm down, but it obviously doesn't work. 

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I’ve got my sister’s wedding, and that’s a whole other nightmare. She’s in a chair, so there’s figuring out the ramps.


Carol: But I’d rather have that than some guy who doesn't even invite me to his son’s bar mitzvah, but wants me to blow him in his wife’s wedding dress.
Beverly: Merc?
Carol: Yeah.
Beverly: And were you in the dress or was he in the dress --
Carol: I’m in the wedding dress.
Beverly: Oh, I wasn’t clear.