Modern Family Season 6 Episode 13 Review: Rash Decisions

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For the average non dog-loving viewer, Modern Family Season 6 Episode 13 probably seemed like Jay was going a little nuts. After all it's just a dog right? 

While I'd like to answer that question by just inserting a slideshow of my own 1-year-old French bulldog (who sits in my lap as I type this review) my job is to obviously discuss this episode.

Jay's Difficult Decision - Modern Family

I will just say that I'm not sure what it is, but bulldog owners are like their own unique breed of humans who are obsessed with these little piglet-like canines. That being said, I could fully relate to Jay's struggle to give up his beloved Stella. Of course, Joe's health was what was important in this situation, but in the end it all worked out! 

It was pretty awesome when Gloria was yelling about how much the offending face cream cost and then realized "oh crap, Jay will flip if he finds out how much this is, better drop it." 

Normally I think Phil is the funniest Dad on the show, but Jay definitely stole the spotlight in this episode. Jay has his moments and when he goes for it, he really shines.

Whats next you're gonna dress her in fishnets? Put her in a window in Amsterdam? Just keep it casual!

Jay [about Stella]

It's always amazing to have Workaholics' Adam Devine on as Andy. He and Phil are truly two peas in a pod. But never fear Luke, Phil would never replace you. Phil seriously WOULD go to college with Luke if he could. He'd be like "Later Claire! See you parents' weekend!"

My favorite dynamic on the whole show is probably that between the different siblings. Claire and Mitchell crack me up because they are so messed up from Jay and DeDe that things between them always take an intense turn. Like the week Claire forced Mitchell to roller-skate and he got mugged in the tunnel? Crazy.

Honestly, the writers should think about making Mitchell a more permanent place at the closet company. I loved seeing those two work together!

Claire: What party?
Mitchell: Aw the two saddest words in the English language.

Of course, there's always Alex and Haley. Anyone with a sister who has tortured them in any way, will completely relate to this relationship. Between the bulldog and Alex and Haley's interactions, I thought the show was tailor-made for me this week. But that's the beauty of MoFam: it's relatable to so many people!

Alex: I know all you had to do to get into their college was like their Facebook page, but this is Princeton. I have to show them that I'm a serious thinker. And you could be a bit more supportive.
Haley: You're right I'm sorry. Your outfit's perfect.
Alex: Thanks.
Haley: If you're applying to lumberjack school. And majoring in having your cats eat you when you die.

This is probably a real conversation I would have with my sister. Or would have had back when I was applying to college. Now we just scare people in stores and at restaurants with the way we converse with each other. But there's love there just like there's love between Alex and Haley.

Who totally knew that Alex was going to jack Haley's story for the interview? The best part was when she blurted out "slut." I almost fell off the couch.

All in all, a great return episode after a little hiatus. Don't forget you can watch Modern Family online at anytime here at TVFanatic!

Rash Decisions Review

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Manny: You know now that I think about it, I could be allergic to Stella. I've been a little stuff since we got her.
Jay: You were stuffy long before that. Do you not remember scolding that waiter at Chuck E Cheese for serving you from the right.

Gloria: He thinks he might be allergic to Stella.
Jay: What? The only reaction this dog gives people is the giggles.