New Girl Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Swuit

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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 14 we finally get to see what Schmidt and Nick have been up to regarding their new business venture.

I always enjoy when they flashback to Nick's and Schmidt's college days. Schmidt in the fat suit and Nick looking like a hippie always amuses me – the only thing which has truly changed for these two is their appearance.

It came as no surprise Schmidt's and Nick's first invention would be something called a swuit – a sweatshirt suit. Only these two would think there is a market for something like a swuit. Though by episode's end they did make $10,000, so at least they earned some money from this project.

Who else could not stop laughing when Nick and Schmidt were yelling compliments at Jess? It was such an absurd thing to do, yet it fit perfectly with their personalities. Jess being totally confused by all the yelling and not really sure if she should be taking offense or should be flattered added to the hilarity of the entire scene.

Speaking of Jess, I have to give her credit for trying to get Nick and Schmidt to stop bickering like an old married couple; though the methods she chose were a little out there. We all knew it was going to backfire and thankfully they didn't waste time in having it backfire on her.

We all understand Jess wants them to stop fighting so they can actually work together to come up with something worthwhile, but they seem to do their best work when they are at each others throats.

The pitch meeting went exactly how we all figured it would go – terribly. I was confused why Schmidt would let Nick be in charge of bringing the prototype when everyone knows Nick is not the most responsible person and is generally forgetful. Even Jess couldn't save the day, but we did get to see the wonder of the swuit in all its glory and my goodness it was a sight to see. 

I can't be the only one who forgot Cece was in college, right? 

It was a refreshing change to put Cece, Coach and Winston together in their own storyline. I give credit to Cece for trying to earn enough money herself instead of borrowing money from Coach and Winston, but we all know these guys don't take no for an answer. Coach and Winston justifying giving Cece the money by playing it off as an investment and expecting her to pay them back with interest after she graduates was a pretty genius move for these two.

Speaking of Cece and college, when Winston and Coach interrupted her art history class and basically bashed the things she was taking I wanted to give the girl a hug. It's clear Cece is not sure what she wants to do with her life and is exploring all of her options; though I couldn't help but laugh when Winston threw out hotel management as the best option because it would give them a better return on their money. 

The biggest surprise of the night was definitely when Kai broke up with Nick. It seemed like this couple was never given the proper chance and they were sorely underdeveloped. I get Kai would want a guy who wants to be lazy and just couch surf, but you'd think she would also understand Nick is in a rut and he needs to make some type of money. I am going to miss seeing Kai – I was really starting to warm up to her.

In the end this episode was pretty much a Nick and Schmidt bromance episode which is never a bad thing and something I would never complain about. 

Now it's your turn; What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you surprised they ended things between Nick and Kai? What do you hope to see in the next nine episodes?

Believe it or no there are only nine episodes left this season, so if you need to catch up watch New Girl online now via TV Fanatic.

Swuit Review

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